10 Benefits of Digital World Technology Amidst Covid-19

We must distinguish between what is genuine and false in today’s digitally transformed environment. But I’ll be honest with you—since March 2020, technology has been our best friend throughout pandemic and lockdown situations. Ludo games were undoubtedly the finest, but you cannot dismiss the quality of entertainment that Netflix or Amazon Prime offer. Technology has been exploited by man for the past ten years, but he has virtually always abused it. We may still find a silver lining in this technological world, though. Here are some of the most beneficial applications that technology has given us access to:

1. Connecting People:

People from all over the world can be brought together in one location thanks to the Internet. Even if it’s only a virtual item, those who live far apart from one another undoubtedly value it greatly. We all have the ability to stay in touch with friends and family at any time, whether it be for studies or long-distance relationships. We have developed since the time of the postage stamp to the present, when anyone may be found online. All thanks to this technology, which helped this goal come true in every manner conceivable, especially during this lock down, which has blessed us all to reunite with our old friends.

2. Provides Information:

How is it that since the advent of Google or YouTube, this pointy has lagged behind that? Everything is available online. Would you like to prepare momos with dalgona coffee? You can access everything with a single click. Do you want to watch the Mahabharata again? The Internet is always accessible from any location and at any time. These are just a few tiny instances of how technology has always been our best friend. We have nearly forgotten about books with actual pages, but it instructs and transmits knowledge in those areas. You may find a solution to every question you might have on the Internet.

3. Everything At Ease:

Now that we have technology at our fingertips, everything is easier. Formerly, people had to fly to Rome to learn what was happening there; now, in the Corona era, you can relax on the couch with your family and watch the news. No one loves to get out of bed unless it’s absolutely necessary. Everything has become so digitalized thanks to technology that paying your bill doesn’t even need pressing a button. You just need to say a few words, and Google Assistant will take care of the rest.

4. Online classes:

Schools and kids have suffered the most as a result of the Covid 19 virus’s complete shutdown of everything. The entire educational system must be in such disarray that no one has any idea how to move on with it. The system as a whole has benefited by taking lessons online. It has becoming much easier to contact and attend the classes, despite the fact that professors and students still encounter occasional technological difficulties. Teachers are occasionally made fun of, but that is unacceptable. That is the worrying aspect. I find myself questioning if technology is good for us or bad for us. Yet, thanks to technology, how our parents used to describe having to travel a long distance to get to school has changed.

5. Entertainment:

We should all appreciate Netflix, Amazon, and our good old Sony television for bringing back the shows we all desired and producing worthwhile content in this epidemic, from Mahabharata on DD national to various OTT platforms. This pandemic provided us with the highest calibre of amusement possible.

6. Tracing The Contact:

On your phone, it is quite simple to find the covid person’s contacts. To build a platform where you may learn whether you have interacted with any COVID patients or not, many apps have been developed. One similar app created in India is called Aarogya Setu. The transition from newspapers to news apps has been greatly aided by apps; everything is now available to us online. The pandemic has changed how we utilise technology for the better. On us, actually. In these trying times, we must decide whether to be our own best friend or worst enemy.

7. Mental Health Apps:


We haven’t paid much attention to people’s mental health in a very long time. Technology has made it simple to complete this. Applications like 7 Cups assist users in finding a support network. Several support groups are available, even on applications like Instagram, and they assist people in overcoming various ailments and receiving mental assistance. Individuals also make new friends. There are other additional meditation programmes or communities that support treating various conditions as well. Entering the technological world may not appear simple, but it is worthwhile to avoid monotony.

8. Virtual Meetups:

Whereas it has grown more challenging for people to meet and welcome each other, meeting up in a virtual environment is relatively simple. You must take care of yourself since this is not a safe world even though things appear odd from time to time. Yet there are also a lot of decent people in this planet. Make friends with the world, and it will make friends with you. Your network is your net worth is one piece of wisdom I would like to share with you that I received from my seniors. Stay safe and secure, but make friends with the online community.

9. Delivering Through Drones:

Contactless and cashless delivery is one of the best ways to leverage technology. Although it may sound strange, but those who survived the epidemic did it with the aid of technology. The development of Gpay, Paytm, and other platforms has made cashless delivery incredibly helpful. Contactless delivery is now feasible even in remote locations where people are unable to travel because to AI and drones. Why take the danger of the corona virus when the nation has the resources? Although that may seem quite obvious, it is true.

10. Making Travel Contactless:

Since the advent of e platforms, travel has been considerably easier and frictionless anywhere e platforms have been developed. Once the pandemic began, contactless delivery has become essential. To prevent the Corona virus from entering your body, it is crucial to maintain appropriate social distance and wear a mask. It is occasionally necessary to travel, and this virus prevents you from working until you have a PPE kit and are taking the appropriate precautions. Traveling for urgent or business-related reasons is occasionally necessary; in these situations, contactless travel and registration are viable options.You are currently viewing my blog on either a computer, phone, tablet, iPad, or laptop. Folks, this is what technology does. For one reason or another, we are reliant on it. Whether it’s for meeting new people or keeping in touch with old ones, ordering meals online, making a purchase, watching a movie for enjoyment, studying, or even teaching online. Every single thing, people, depends on machines. So let’s put it to good use. It will assist us in growing and blossoming more wonderfully in this way.


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