Best way to become successful YouTuber

With over 2 billion active devices each month, YouTube is the second most used website and the second largest search engine in the world.

This year, YouTube surpassed Facebook in terms of growth rate, and it appears to be growing even more quickly in 2019. In essence, it is a video-sharing service that benefits its members. The fact that users may browse, share, like, dislike, comment, subscribe, upload, and other functions on YouTube is its best feature.

Nowadays, people are favoring YouTube to learn anything because through videos we can understand easily and quickly instead of reading immense articles and books.

Nowadays, most of the people who wanted to earn money online is attracting towards YouTube because there are many YouTubers who are making more than $30,000 per month by doing their favorite work. YouTube affiliate marketing is a lucrative way to add new streams of revenue. you may check this step by step guide to affiliate marketing by Moblogger.

People don’t realize how much work famous YouTubers have put in over the years because they believe it to be so simple to make a video and earn money from it.

Many people have launched YouTube channels, but the reason they aren’t receiving views and subscribers is that they don’t know the effective technique. They merely believe that making a video is sufficient, but this is the incorrect strategy.

Therefore, I’ll explain to you how to become a successful YouTuber in 2023  using my words in this article.

After six months of research, I have finally discovered the most effective and efficient method—or, you would say, technique—to become a successful YouTuber.

(1) Why YouTube is worth targeting

When considering starting a YouTube channel, the greatest and most frequent question is “why is it worth targeting?” Yes, before beginning on YouTube, you must be aware of its advantages.

The fact that YouTube is the second-largest search engine and the second-most popular website in the world, as I just mentioned, illustrates the volume of traffic it receives each month—not in millions, but in billions.

While starting a new business might be challenging and expensive, you can quickly launch your venture without investing any money thanks to YouTube.

Yes, YouTube is a business, one of the most successful in today’s market. AdSense, affiliate marketing, running an online business, etc. are all sources of income. You can use millions to play.

If you currently have a business, YouTube is a fantastic alternative for marketing it and for generating sales to your target demographic. People like Dr. Vivek Bindra, Dean Brian, and Neil Patel are also effective at generating sales by doing the same way.

You can use YouTube to spread your message to those who are misbehaving, which enables you to join Sandeep Maheshwari as a social activist.

It is, in a nutshell, the ideal alternative for promoting or earning.

2) Things you need to know before starting

To develop a successful attitude that will aid you in becoming successful on YouTube, there are a few things you should be aware of before you start.

Prior to beginning on YouTube, you should have three things in mind: consistency, patience, and improvement.

It takes time; no one can drive millions of views in a matter of nights. The primary reason why people won’t be successful on this platform is that they lack patience and gave up after only making three videos. You must therefore maintain your patience.

Consistency is the second factor, which is also crucial. Simply exercising patience is insufficient; you must post new information frequently. It does not imply that you must choose your pattern every day in accordance with the hours at which you must post.

The improvement is the third item. Nobody is perfect from the beginning; your content won’t be exceptional at first, but as you post more frequently, you’ll improve.

In other words, it may take 2 months, 3 months, or even 6 months to become perfect, but you must post consistently regardless of your subscriber base.

3) What type of video you should create??

The next significant challenge after starting a YouTube channel is “what kind of video should you make that can go viral?”

You must first choose the most influential expert in your field. Then, go to that expert’s channel and list the most popular video themes there.

If you’re just starting out, you should come up with topics that are timeless and use basic SEO. If your content is good, you can gain subscribers. Problems that people in your niche encounter are considered evergreen topics.

You may also make a video that gives value for your visitors and focuses on the well-known terms in your field that are frequently searched.

Additionally, you can make films about hot issues and increase your subscriber count by doing so. You can use Google Trends or news websites to uncover hot themes, and then aim to provide the greatest material possible.

Simply put, you must make movies about things that can be searched for rather than about issues that are obscure.

4) How to get more Subscribers and Views

It’s time to grow your channel and attract more viewers and subscribers if your audience is finding satisfaction in your content.

I’ll break down the method into three parts:

a) While creating video

The watch time of your video is the first thing you need to be aware of when determining your ranking. It refers to how many minutes or hours your video has been viewed. It indicates the caliber of your work, and YouTube consistently promotes caliber content through suggested videos and other means.

In order to increase views, you must increase viewing times. You should make the video in an engaging or educational fashion, and you can intersperse jokes or interesting facts to increase view time. To acquire more watch time, you can make lengthier videos.

You can build some suspense at the beginning to entice your viewers to watch the movie through to the end and can enable you to gain more view time.

On YouTube, watch time is crucial, and you can increase your watch time by interacting with your audience by include a distinct voice and visuals in your videos.

The most important thing to consider is if your material is accurate and delivers value for your audience. Simply put, give your film the greatest effort you can muster, and make sure that your research is thorough. Try to make your videos so that they dispel all of your viewers’ doubts. It means that you can use Quora or communities like Warrior Forums to identify the most prevalent issues people are having with that subject. Next, provide a quick explanation of the question in your videos.

The retention of your audience is a crucial factor that you must consider when producing the video. It indicates the proportion of individuals who engage with your material by clicking “Like,” “Comment,” and “Subscribe” on your videos.

You can encourage your viewers to like, comment, and subscribe to increase audience retention. You can also pose MCQs to your audience and request that they respond in the comments. In your videos, you can also include polls.

b) While uploading your video on YouTube

This is the most valuable time period that allows you to rank and receive more views.

There are many considerations you should make before submitting your film to YouTube; we’ll briefly go through them now.

You must inform the search engine about your video in order to rank, and you can do this by using SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With our help, the Search Engines will understand the value of your material, and YouTube will promote your video through suggested videos.

Finding keywords with low competition and adequate searches is the first stage in SEO. If you’re using a smartphone, you can use the tube buddy extension or the tube buddy app to find the keyword.

The next step is to include that keyword in your title. Write it in a unique and compelling way to encourage viewers to click on your videos. If you do this, your search engine rankings will benefit as well. Simply put, create a catchy title.

It’s time to write a succinct description right now. You have 5000 characters to put in your description on YouTube, so make the most of them and repeat your keywords as much as you can. Try to add links; they have a [small] impact on rankings.

Add the most pertinent and well-known tags, and try to lightly repeat the keywords from those tags in your title and description. Using the Tube Buddy extension, you may also use other people’s tags, which may cause YouTube to recommend your video alongside those others.

To help you acquire views on your other videos, add cards and an end screen to your video.

The Thumbnail is currently the most crucial component for increasing views. Make a suspenseful and thrilling thumbnail for people to see. Avoid using too many words, colors, or images. Try to keep it simple and compelling so that visitors will click.

c) Promoting the video

You won’t receive views at first if your channel doesn’t have a following because no one is familiar with you. Therefore, you must initially market your videos to a target audience that can watch them in their entirety.

To get YouTube to promote your video, you should market it to a certain audience that can provide you with a lot of views and audience retention.

Facebook, the third most visited website in the world, has a lot of traffic potential.
Your videos can be promoted on the appropriate pages, and you can earn a lot of views from there.

Additionally, you can advertise your content on groups that are related to your niche and reach your desired audience from there. On posts that your videos are comparable to, you can leave comments. To fast increase the number of views on your video and subscribers to your channel, you can use services like for promotion.

Reddit is another tool you may utilize to gain views from your intended audience. Use multiple subreddits and those that are pertinent.

It’s also worthwhile to check out the following websites’ sections:

a) Quora questions
b) Quora spaces
c) Quora posts
d) Google+ posts
e) Google+ pages
f) Google+ communities
g) Twitter
h) LinkedIn
g) WhatsApp groups


Time to take a quick look at the entire article now.

a) If you intended to expand your business, make money, or develop into a social activist, YouTube is worth paying attention to.

b) You’ll need to maintain your patience.

c) You need to act consistently.

d) You need to keep getting better.

e) You must produce videos on timeless subjects. current events, etc.

f) Increase the duration of your videos by interspersing jokes and interesting facts.

g) Build tension at the outset.

h) Ask the audience MCQs.

i) Encourage viewers to like, comment, subscribe and view.

j) Make an effort to use those keywords again in the title, description, and tags.

k) Create a catchy title.

l) Make a visually appealing thumbnail.

m) Spread the word about videos on sites like Facebook, Reddit, WhatsApp, Google+, Quora, etc.

The author of the piece is Zulfiqar Anees , the founder of the tech-related company Blogging kiss, which publishes articles on its blog at The team at Blogging kiss makes an effort to describe their expertise in terms that even a newborn child may comprehend.




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