Can Social Media Be a Solution, Not a Problem

we all face social media problems in life. Here is a list of common problems with social media in society today with their solutions.

Everything has both good and bad sides. An activity’s or object’s purpose is not found in the activity or object itself. It depends on the interpretation we give it. The usage or abuse of the object has a significant impact on the meaning.

But who has the authority to regulate how a thing is used? Us. As a result, we might assert that it is up to us to determine how an item is used or abused, as well as what it means. This leads us to the conclusion that we can never hold an item responsible for the actions it does or the results it produces. The person holding the remote control always chooses which channels to view.

Based on this, we may confidently claim that we have the authority and control to utilize an object anyway we see fit. Having stated that, we shall talk about how social media affects people in this post.

Our lives have been impacted by social media in many different ways. Contrarily, virtual reality has created a new form of expression that, metaphorically speaking, transcends the notions of time and place. Each new shift has repercussions of its own. Upon observation and analysis, these effects turn into the outcome and result of a thing or activity. But rather than looking for scapegoats, we must constantly accept responsibility for our actions.

Influences of Social Media

All of these social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Tumblr—are focused on controlling the “impression” or “image” of the user. Users are consequently far more aware of how other users see them. One tends to believe in the flimsy things in life when they are thus self-conscious. The social activities that people haphazardly engage in become important to them.

Everyone is under a lot of strain as a result. It just serves to remind the spectator of what they are losing in their lives by merely looking around and witnessing individuals advance. It forces one to consider their own failings and faults, which ultimately causes one to develop an inferiority complex or a superiority complex.


These complexes cause a person to create an existence bubble that distances them from their true selves (whatever that may be). And the further they are from reality, the more hollow and empty they feel.

This conduct is frequently observed in millennials who frequently express their feelings of isolation and alienation. The cause? By erecting a layer of existence that no one seems to be actually adhering to, the intimacy through digital platforms has distanced people from one another even more.

Worst of all, not everyone is aware of the truth of the circumstance. Younger people frequently don’t understand why they feel a certain way, and finding the cause is never simple. Only because they are unable to grasp the wider picture. Additionally, they are only going with the flow and are not fully conscious of what is happening all around them.


All of this raises the question of whether social media can be utilized to solve problems rather than cause them. The straightforward response is “yes.”

While it is causing many issues, including those listed above, it has also made life far more fascinating and engaging.

We are at a position when we witness so many things that we could once only imagine happening around us happening, no matter how much we fight acknowledging that people have gotten closer through the internet. Whether we’re talking about college kids or working adults, social media has advanced global communication.

When it comes to professional life, marketing has advanced significantly. You may have recently read or heard about Mark Zuckerberg testifying before the Senate discussing the most recent scandal involving Facebook. Most of the accusations are accurate. Facebook does use a person’s information and private knowledge to control the newsfeed’s content. Have you ever been looking up a suitable travel destination when you signed into Facebook and discovered a number of adverts for excursions and travel companies? Facebook keeps track of every action you do, and uses this information to display adverts on its pages. In a same vein, if you want your business to expand, you may use Facebook as a fantastic marketing platform where billions of individuals register to meet their needs, whether they be personal or professional.

You can now communicate with your faraway family and friends thanks to social media. Additionally, it keeps you informed about current trends and fashion. If you’re an artist, you can join communities and websites where individuals display their work. Additionally, you can learn about what individuals around the world are doing and how technology is changing society as a whole. Without making long phone conversations, you can easily converse with your friends and family. One cannot feel socially ignorant if they use social media because it has so many features implemented.

In conclusion, social media does indeed have a number of disadvantages, but this should not restrict its use. On it, people manage entire enterprises, and social media allows one to observe how times are changing. The best strategy to deal with the issues is to conduct yourself in a responsible and conscious of external influences manner. Take full responsibility for the course of action that is chosen after that. Only in this way can one handle social media or any future technology with intelligence.