Digital Marketing For Working Professionals

There is a high demand for working professionals who are equipped with digital marketing skills in their kitty.

India has 200 million online users, the majority of them are high earners from the middle class and the lower middle class. Indian shoppers are constantly looking for the best deal possible, thus they conduct extensive online research before making purchases. Because of this, it is almost impossible for businesses in sectors where public opinion determines success, such as real estate, tourism, education, etc., to ignore the impact of digital marketing. Therefore, all one needs is a working professional to have a comprehensive solution to their digital marketing challenges.

Companies in India are utilizing strategies to lower their traditional advertising spending and increase their reach and conversion rates. According to a recent poll by Assocham, real estate companies in India spend a staggering Rs. 2500 crore on advertising each year, with an astounding 25% of that amount going toward digital marketing. This outcome demonstrates that businesses are beginning to recognize the value and effectiveness of digital marketing. The finest people for these positions are those that specialize in digital marketing. The professional class in digital marketing boasts higher results than the student class since they have more expertise in both the online and offline arenas of marketing. The knowledge gained from offline marketing contributes to better customer attraction environments. The upside is that when professionals turn to internet marketing, they already have ideas and real-world experience since it enables them to understand consumer demand and how people think. This is crucial in sectors like tourism, real estate, and education where sales depend less on how quickly a consumer needs to make a purchase and more on a person’s ability to persuade them to buy their product. This expertise and experience turned out to be a potent tool in the field of digital marketing.

Demand in Market:

Professionals with experience in digital marketing are in high demand. Finding qualified individuals for the position presents challenges for the recruiters. About 5,600 jobs for digital marketing specialists were open in September 2013, a 19% rise from the previous month. Only 13% of job postings were for public relations positions, whereas the majority of the demand was for marketing specialists.

Scope in market:

On a scale of 1-99, where 99 indicates difficult to fill, the scores for digital marketing job filling in key Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore are 76, 78, and 70. Only 16 people on average applied for each job vacancy in digital marketing in Delhi in September. When compared to other state capitals, the score is easily between 80 and 85. The demand for specialists is increasing faster than they are becoming available.

Market Status:

Unlike television marketing, which may be effective during prime time, internet marketing targets consumers 24/7. Even the doubters have jumped into this sea of opportunity. As a result, recruiters are constantly looking for qualified individuals to complete their tasks, and it is clear that this demand will not abate any time soon.

Role of Smart Phones:

India has 110 million mobile internet users, which is 10 times more than Australia, but only 16% of the population, according to a recent research. With such growth, the need for digital marketers has to rise and will undoubtedly continue to rise.

Nowadays, businesses aim to fundamentally reinterpret old advertising methods, such as television. Facts and data make it plain evident that the field of digital marketing is expanding and will remain at the top of the hiring list for some time. When such possibilities arise, they should be seize with both hands.