10 Best Free Plagiarism Detection Tools

A plagiarism detector is a tool widely used in education by both students and teachers to verify the originality of a submitted work. It is used in all types of work, but especially in those that are carried out to finish the course as occurs in the undergraduate or postgraduate degree with TFG or TFM.

But the plagiarism detector is also a very useful tool in the marketing and communication of a brand , since it allows us to monitor other web pages that partially or fully use our content, which can also be an illegal practice if it does not have our consent.

We can also use it to track the mentions made of our brand and thus analyze our online reputation. So whether for education or digital marketing, here is the list of what I consider to be the best free and paid plagiarism detectors.

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What can we do if we detect partial or total plagiarism of one of our contents?

Plagiarism is something that sadly we have ever encountered when we dedicate ourselves to creating content, whether for a blog, website or social networks, but you have to know that no one can use content that you have created and therefore has your authorship, without your permission.

So I’m going to explain to you in a simple way what steps we must take in case we have detected a partial or integral copy of one of our contents:

1. Contact the source to remove the plagiarized content. Nowadays it is very easy to find a way to get in touch with the person who has used your content without permission, so we send them an email, comment, message through social networks.

2. Wait an adequate time. If we do not receive an answer, keep insisting and send him an email, comment or message again and wait one or 2 weeks to receive a response.

3. Report spam through Search Console. In our webmaster tool we can report the plagiarism of our content and a technician will review it in a few days and give us an answer. If Google considers it plagiarism, it will classify it as spam and therefore it will de-index the search engine.

In this url you can report someone who has plagiarized content for spam:

You will need a Google account to be able to report spam to another website.

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Plagiarism Detector Programs Online and Free

Name Limit Observations Access
EduBirdie Do not Very complete and with a mobile app To access
Plagiarism Checker 1,000 words Very useful but a bit annoying advertising To access
Dupli Checker 1,000 words Complete and easy to use To access
Plagiarism Detector 1,000 words Very complete and analyze grammar To access
Plagiarism Detector 1,500 words Complete and easy to use To access
Unickeck 200 words Very limited free version To access
Plagium 1,000 characters Very limited free version To access

Free Plagiarism Detection Tools


It is one of the most complete free online plagiarism detectors I have ever seen. The operation is simple, it can be compared with any text document and find plagiarism or copies online.

The tool is completely free and has no advertising, which is appreciated and makes it very easy to use. It is ideal for students, teachers and marketers who want to analyze and find copies of their work.

Plagiarism Checker by SmallSEOTools

This program is an excellent option to detect plagiarism in a text. The free online version only allows you to compare 1000 words in each search. It allows us both to copy a text in an empty box and to compare from a text document.

A very effective way, especially if we refer to the analysis of plagiarized content through the web, is that it allows us to add a url and find other websites that have plagiarized part of the content.

Dupli Checker

This program to detect plagiarism has a free online version that allows us to analyze up to 1,000 words and a paid version that allows us to analyze up to 10,000 words. Like the previous program, it allows us to copy the text that we want to compare, upload a text document or compare it through a url. Any of these 2 options are very good tools when it comes to plagiarism detection.

Plagiarism Detector

Very good program to detect the plagiarism of any text or url. The free version allows you to analyze up to 1,000 words and the paid version up to 25,000. It is a widely used tool and you will be able to compare a file that you upload, url or text that you copy. In a matter of seconds you will be able to detect other urls that have partially or totally used the compared content.

Search Engine Reports Plagiarism Detector

The free version of this plagiarism checker will allow you to analyze up to 1500 words. You will be able to compare text from a url, from text that we copy or through a text document with which we will compare it. Very easy to use and simple to obtain a good result.


The free version of this tool is somewhat limited since it only allows us to analyze a text of 200 words maximum. It has a paid version that its price will depend on the pages or texts that we want to compare.


Plagium is a good online plagiarism detector, which you can use for free up to 1000 characters, or for a fee. It allows you 2 types of quick analysis that offers you results in less than a minute or deep, for that second you have to have an account created with the tool. The results it finds will tell you the percentage of similarity that your text has.


I finish the list of free tools with one that helps us detect plagiarism in our images. Any work or content has images, because with this tool you can do a reverse search and analyze in which other websites the same image that we have used appears.

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Paid Plagiarism Detection Tools


Scribbr’s Plagiarism Checker finds similarities between your work and a wealth of digital and academic content. In a few minutes you will be able to see and detect if you have any plagiarism in the document. Prices vary and fluctuate depending on the length of the document that we want to compare.

Plagiarism Detector Viper

Compare your text with up to 10 million sources to find all the plagiarism it contains. The tool produces a clear and concise report with all the plagiarized references that it has found. It works at the credit level, so you can buy the credits you need without having to make monthly payments.


Plagiarism is something that no matter how careful you are one day you can get to see closely, and you have to take measures to protect the audit of your content and your work.

Practically most universities have plagiarism analysis and detection tools that tell the professor before or even opening the work if he has plagiarized part of your TFM or TFG.

I still remember when I started to suffer plagiarism with my blog and I created together with some blogger friends a group on Facebook to help us and fight against plagiarism. Look out for something bad, a good and positive initiative emerged to fight together against the misuse of the classic “Copy and paste” or “copy and paste” in any of our work or content.

I hope it helps you detect plagiarism more easily and simply.

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