Top 20 Manufacturing Business Ideas in Pakistan

Manufacturing Business Ideas: These times are hard and I’m sure these are not going to just pass. The vastly voiced out problem faced by any individual these days is putting tireless effort into the job endeavors in return for a tiny little salary package.

If you too are a victim of listening to your boss’s never-ending complaints along with an insufficient salary package to meet the expenses of this expensive era, then you must give a thought to commencing your own business.

Apart from the reason stated above, you may want to start a business!

or to start a highly profitable small business!

or to expand your business!

Here are some of the small manufacturing business ideas which can help you to answer your queries and get that one production line best suited for your given setting.

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Before getting started with any of the manufacturing business ideas mentioned later, make sure to:

  • do proper market research
  • analyze the customer requirements around you
  • comprehend the cost involved in the installation of the machine and tools
  • select proper location
  • consult a few suppliers of raw materials
  • know your competition in the market
  • learn about the license requirements and other necessities for that specific production business house
  • learn about the environmental hazards of the business and other complexities which can come up
  • make sure to work smart and not just hard
  • and finally, look for competent and talented individuals to work for you

The choices are narrowed down to 24 different manufacturing business ideas which are in the top list and are highly profitable, also convenient to become your future production business house.

1. Furniture Manufacturing Business:

If you want to start a business based on furniture then you are on the right path. The furniture business is a profitable business venture, customers demand quality furniture and unique design that meet the market needs. If you can access the raw materials to manufacture furniture items then you can expect a profit margin of around 40%-50% in the present day scenario.

2. Baking Business:

Baked food is delicious as well as in demand due to its less fat generating properties, which is why it has become one of the most sought-after production businesses. With a profit margin of around 20%-30%, this production house idea is best suited for individuals with creative ideas as well as baking talent. If you know someone around you who is skilled in this profession, better form an alliance a start to this business.

3. Organic Farming:

One of the most popular ways you can get into the organic agriculture business is to grow organic produce. Organic Farming is a profitable agricultural method where you can grow various vegetables and sell them for promising prices. More and more people have started adopting a healthy lifestyle and hence, they look for more nutritious food products rather than adulterated ones. The seasonal profit margin varies from 10%-48% which is more than enough to keep this in the third position among top production businesses.

4. Women footwear Manufacturing Business:

Ladies’ footwear is an essential item in women’s apparel. Women use different types of footwear for different purposes. Therefore, the variety includes slippers, sandals, sports shoes, high heal, etc. Furthermore, it demands small capital investment as compared to other industries. Also, it requires simple machinery and tools. This is why it is the perfect production house for people looking to earn high profits with less investment.

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5. Candle Making Business:

If you are looking for a business with guaranteed success, candle making business is the best for you. As this business requires less investment and the earnings are much more than expected. Even if you work for a few hours a day, you can earn thousands every day. Although the use of candles in dark has been eliminated yet it’s used in decorative activities and religious purposes and thus still holds a great value and an even better profit margin of about 30%. There should be no trouble in starting this business as it requires simplified tools and machinery.

6. Smartphone Accessories:

Starting a cell phone accessories production business can highly be profitable as well as competitive. However, you just need to find the right location with the limited competition or create an online presence that outshines your competitors. You can build a profitable small business selling cell phone accessories. You can find a source of finance, to begin with, and do some homework on the licenses required to start this production business. Online marketing has become a thing these days and hence, proper research in this sphere can also be beneficial. With these few things in place, your business is good to go.

7. Ready-to-Eat-Meal:

If you choose a processed food business or a ready-to-eat meal, you can grasp lots and lots of opportunities. There are several pros of choosing this very type of industry. The preparation time for food items is extremely short and convenient, to where the product is prepared in advance and can be eaten and sold depending upon the requirement of the users and the weather condition. If the food items produced by you meet the specific convenience, nutritional adequacy, and quality then with proper storage and distribution to the centers the item can become popular and immediately come to be in demand in the market.

8. Pakistani handicraft item:

Our traditional art crafts and handlooms can never be replaced with the new-age art and artificial or machinery craft. If you are interested in this field of business, then you should know that you are looking for a treat as handicraft businesses are very famous in Pakistan and the customers like to buy handicraft product for their personal uses as well as their home decor. You can even look forward to partner up with the e-commerce companies and experience big profits and recognition through your artistry.

9. Homemade Chocolates/Cookies:

The chocolate-making business is safe and highly rewarding. You can even start this type of business from home as it does not require a huge investment. It is also very much profitable. However, you need to make sure to provide the best quality products so that the customers always prefer your product over your competitors. Also, active participation in promotional as well as advertising activities can make your business run like a horse. The profit margin is almost about 40%-50% which is undoubtedly very high and there are certainly high chances for it to increase with the increase in goodwill.

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10. Handmade Organic and Exotic Soap:

Making of soaps neither requires expensive machinery or expensive equipment nor any costly raw materials. It only requires a handful of oils which are of course available in the market. If you are planning to take this business, you are good to go with a little bit of research on the materials required as well as the machinery and tools that will come in use. The trends for using “organic” of almost all products are just making the market for organic goods rise to an unimaginable extent. Hence, this specific range of production houses can prove to be profitable for you.

11. Papad and other Snacks Manufacturing Business:

The overall papad making is steadily growing as its demand is on the rise especially during the winter season. Hence, papad making is a lucrative business opportunity for new entrepreneurs. There are varieties of spices and just a little bit of change in the ingredients gives you a great variety of products to sell. Thus, this is indeed a great idea for people looking to start a production business with very little investment and greater returns.

12. Pickles Business:

If you want to be in this business you need you need to conceptualize a unique idea, create an infrastructure, you need to get a license, you need to find a place to store and preserve your pickle. Packaging and pricing are also a part of this procedure. This business is a profitable business venture as fewer expenses are involved and hence if you have heard a lot from people about the taste of the mixes in pickles made by you then go ahead and start your own business to earn from it. With very simple machinery you can process and store the pickle for sale.

13. Pakistani Bread:

Pakistan’s bread sector, a central part of roti’s business appears to be growing strongly. This business is good if you want to start this type of business. Now, there are multiple ready-made products in the market and one of them is ready-to-eat roti which is also known as Pakistani bread. This is a great way to get started with your own production business.

14. Spice Powder Business:

People are looking for ready-made food and spice powder to make cooking easier, therefore the use of spice powder is increasing day by day. Furthermore, if you are planning to set up this venture it will be equivalent to starting a jewelry business from home. One of the things you can do is to have a wholesale business out of the spices produced by you. Again, organic and inorganic play a great role in making the sales for your products go high or low. Hence, the more good the quality of the product, the greater will be your profit.

15. Handbags Manufacturing Business:

If you are interested in the fashion sector, then you should know that the scale of the global bag and purses market is steadily growing. Bag and purses are meant for carrying items and the more appealing the product and the price, the more demand will be for it. With the growing rate of college students and female employees in Pakistan, the demand for quality and design handbags is increasing. This business is good if you want to expel your forte in this area.

16. Cement Making:

The cement industry is an important part of the Pakistani economy with its largest contribution to GDP. You only require to make an investment of Rs.50k to Rs 5 lakh rupees in the initial stage and then you will earn double of it in a few months itself. The licenses and raw materials required are not that expensive and hence, it can be a good production business to begin with and one with a bright future. There might never come a time when the sales for cement will be nil in any state or country.

17. Sport Equipment:

Sport is the highest and biggest contributor to revenue in our country. With an increasing focus on health and fitness, this industry is a pure gainer. Few brands are having revenue of 17-20% from e-stores solely and the ordinary market demand is completely different. This is a great field to start any of the production business be it for sports equipment or energy boosters or even clothing for that matter.

18. Embroiderer:

Embroidered, custom apparel and accessories are a huge business that is easy to start. With the help of an embroidery machine and basic business skills, one can easily look forward to generating embroidered clothing for all purposes. It is a highly rewarding and trending business when it comes to traditional clothing and dressing for special occasions.

19. Paper cup making business:

The paper cup business set up with an investment of about 10 lakhs in machinery and 15 lakhs in working capital would generate an annual turnover of Rs 66 lakhs. If you are aiming for this business then you are looking for a good investment. This may be a little out of reach but there is no way to find out better than to give it a try as there is huge profit scope in this.

20. Designer clothes Manufacturing Business:

Starting a clothing line can be a rewarding experience for a creative entrepreneur with a vision. Although this business venture has got it’s low and high due to fierce competition and fashion trends, this business has a huge scope for profit in the future as even the outdated clothes act as raw materials for further production. Dedicated market research in your area and demand analysis will definitely give you a great kick start for this production business.

21. Energy Drink:

If your business idea is to aim at the youth. This is the perfect spot for you to be. An energy drink is a type of beverage containing stimulant drugs, mainly caffeine. It is basically for physical and mental stimulation. Energy drinks are typically attractive to young people aging 13 to 45 years with 65% consumption being the male entry. Hence, with a set target market, this is a great production house for you to be in.

22. Carpet Manufacturing Business:

Carpet manufacturing has always been associated with richness and loyalty. They have been in great demand in hotels, restaurants, and every household in the country. You can either make it with a machine or it can either be handmade. This business has got great potential and there are high chances for it to grow. The sophistication and comfort offered by these products are what makes it all the more desirable and hence, there is huge profit potential for this business in the market.

23. Exercise Book Manufacturing:

The demand for exercise books can never go down as it is the first essential requirement for studies. The manufacturing of exercise books is very simple and requires few machines. This business has 100% chances to increase and succeed in the future. There are indeed many competitors and well-known brands dominating the sector. however, if the product is good to give them competition then it is a great idea to act upon.


So, here are a few small manufacturing business ideas that you can try and bring all your dreams and aspirations to come to light. Life’s short and chances and opportunities are few, so don’t give them away without making the fullest use of them. There is scope in each and every one of these sectors. However, it takes an entrepreneur to study the demands, and need in a specific region, and come up with extraordinary ideas and plans to make a successful business entity.

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