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18 Top Video Content Ideas for Startups

Startups’ marketing strategies heavily rely on content. Regarding return on investment, content marketing has surpassed all other marketing tactics. A recent study found that while traditional outbound marketing costs 62% more, content marketing generates three times as many leads.

For startups, producing worthwhile and captivating content that viewers will want to watch and share has become a primary responsibility. What sort of content, though, should startups be producing? Video is a fantastic remedy. They are entertaining, simple to consume, and potentially very educational.

Additionally, 54% of customers, according to HubSpot, want to see more video content from brands and companies. Therefore, take into account include some of these types of films in your lineup if you’re a business trying to get into content marketing or just want to update your approach.

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Get a Face of the Company

People are curious about the people who work for a company in the background. Taking them to the location of your business’ office or site is a fantastic approach to demonstrate this. They enjoy seeing where the magic takes place.

By conducting employee interviews, giving office tours, or even hosting a discussion panel with a few of your team members, you may also showcase your corporate culture. You may even invite them to your company’s event or exhibit at a trade fair to demonstrate what you do. Let’s say someone has a company that sells the nicest area rugs. In that instance, they might wish to present a film demonstrating how or from where the rugs are sourced.

Record Customers Reviews

Nothing is more convincing than a satisfied consumer praising your business. Customer endorsements are a fantastic approach to demonstrate the value of your good or service and to win over new clients. Get your satisfied customers’ stories on camera if you have any.

You might enquire from them regarding their opinions and experiences with your good or service. The greater the tale, the more personal it is. In addition, it would be beneficial for marketing if you could persuade them to mention your brand or website. You may also hold a competition and award a prize for the greatest customer review video. The perception of your company by your target market is positively influenced by customer reviews.

Webinar Recordings 

The ideal technique to showcase the knowledge and experience of your business is through webinars. If you’ve already hosted a webinar, think about recording it and making it accessible to viewers on your website or blog. By giving viewers useful information in exchange for their contact details, webinars may also be used to create leads.

Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to have participated in a few webinars to demonstrate your expertise to potential clients. You might participate in webinars that are pertinent to your line of business and then provide a recording to your audience as an extra resource.


Tutorials are the ideal form of video content for you if you offer a good or service that customers need to learn how to use. You can make a collection of quick movies that demonstrate to visitors how to use your product or service for particular tasks. This will demonstrate your subject-matter expertise while assisting your consumers in making the most of your service. With potential consumers, tutorials foster trust. People enjoy watching tutorials, and if they can see that a product or service is simple to use, they are frequently more likely to buy it.

Product Demonstration Videos

A product demonstration film is a fantastic way to demonstrate the capabilities of your product or service. Use these movies in your email marketing campaigns, social media platforms, and website. This kind of video is critical if your product is something tangible. You can demonstrate how to utilize your product, its features, and the benefits it offers.

A product demonstration film can be used to highlight the advantages of your service if your company is primarily one of services. On the other hand, you could show a film on how they are manufactured and the benefits of using them if you wanted to sell the best wool rugs in your area. Additionally, creating a video for your business or product can help you rank higher on search engines and attract more people to your website.

Your Brand Journey

People are interested in hearing the story behind your business. Utilize video to describe your company’s journey to your audience. You can discuss the background of your business, how you got to where you are now, and your future goals. It enables you to establish more intimate connections with potential clients.

People enjoy seeing successful people’s ascent to success. As a result, you should present your company’s history as a chain of interconnected events. You can discuss your journey from the beginning to your current position as the CEO or company founder.

How-to Videos

How-to films are frequently seen and are a terrific method to advertise your goods or services. Use these movies in your email marketing campaigns, social media platforms, and website. These movies can demonstrate how to use a tangible product, which is especially helpful if you have one. Additionally, you can document how to create something using your product. The goal is to describe the procedure and provide examples of your product in use. The sales process can benefit greatly from these kinds of movies.

Do an Employee Spotlight Video

The best method to showcase your employees and give them a chance to tell their stories is through an employee spotlight video. Additionally, it’s the finest chance to demonstrate your working style to potential clients or customers. When people watch these movies, they are more likely to want to work with you since they realize that you have content and motivated personnel. Your chances of receiving recommendations are improved. Additionally, you may use these movies on your website or social media to give visitors an inside peek at your business.


The presentation of your film, which should include the colors, typefaces, and other design components you use, is its aesthetic component. It need to be congruent with your brand identity and express the principles of your business. Videos used in presentations showcase your goods or services to their greatest advantage.

They ought to be shot in a way that makes your product appear its best, have excellent audio, and be well-lit. Hiring a video production business will be necessary to record these videos in a professional environment. However, they are always priceless because they are a great method to promote your business.

Educational Videos

There are always educational movies you can make to assist your clients in using your product more efficiently, regardless of whether you have a software product or a physical product. You can use these films to respond to frequently asked inquiries about your goods or services.

You might also talk about some popular subjects in your sector that are connected to your product or service. A marketing tip, trick, or advice tailored to your target market could also be offered. You can also create a video introducing the newest marketing strategies, such as social media marketing or inbound marketing. It will be advantageous for individuals who wish to swiftly grasp the essence of these ideas.


The most effective type of video communication is storytelling. Additionally, it’s a fantastic technique to engage your audience’s emotions. When done well, storytelling can be a very powerful marketing strategy. The best stories have a strong emotional pull, are relatable, and elicit a response from the audience.

You’ll be well on your way to producing video content that will raise client engagement with your post if you can draw on these factors. It involves telling your company’s narrative in an interesting and compelling way. How did your business start? How come you started it? What central beliefs guide you? These are all excellent places to start when developing engaging video content. Being honest and authentic is the key. Try not to force a narrative that does not exist. Let the tale of your business develop naturally and in an intriguing way.

Behind the Scenes

People enjoy viewing behind-the-scenes material. They get a peek into how a corporation or business operates on the inside. Additionally, it gives them a sense of belonging to something special. Take advantage of the chance to show some behind-the-scenes photos and videos! You may give your audience a tour of your workplace, demonstrate the manufacturing process for your goods, or provide a sneak preview of a future event. The thoughts never stop! On the other hand, make some behind-the-scenes video if you don’t already have some! Throughout the process, be encouraging, illuminating, and helpful.

Live Stream

These days, live videos are all the rage. Going live and interacting with your audience in real time has never been simpler thanks to services like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories. Consider live streaming an event you’re holding or a noteworthy occasion taking place at your business. No one can predict who will watch. The nicest feature is that you can always go live and answer questions or provide a tour of your workplace if you don’t have anything else scheduled.

Create a Video Series

Starting a series is a fantastic approach to produce quality video content. Anything from a weekly vlog (video blog) to an instructional series informing your audience about your sector of the economy is acceptable. Not only will this motivate you to continuously produce new content, but it will also help you become known as an authority in your industry.

If you can entertain and inform your audience, they’ll probably keep coming back for more. The secret is to consistently deliver valuable material that your audience won’t discover elsewhere. You can also narrate a series of stories about the creation of a product or about your travels. Your readers will gain knowledge of your beginnings and the processes involved in producing your goods. They will find this interesting, and it will demonstrate your reliability and openness.

A Day in Your Life

The startups that can produce excellent video content today tend to be the more successful and enthusiastic ones. It is one of the most effective marketing strategies accessible, and your content plan ought to include it. You can provide your viewers an inside peek at your company by documenting your daily operations. It will demonstrate your diligence and commitment to your work. You can even take a video of yourself guiding someone through your desk or office. This is a fantastic method to showcase the culture of your business and what it’s like to work there. Including some video showing your team in action, whether working on a project or celebrating achievement, may also be a good idea.

A Thought Series

A thought series is a collection of videos in which you talk about a particular subject or idea. It’s a fantastic method to demonstrate your depth of understanding and authority on a subject. You might want to think about publishing a series of business startup advise, entrepreneur tips, or takeaways from your experience as a founder.

A clever proposal from one of your consumers may also be requested in a video. And honor one of your better suggestions. This will demonstrate that you care about your clients’ success as much as your own. Additionally, it aids in boosting brand recognition and loyalty. Therefore, while you are coming up with ideas for video content for your startup, keep the following in mind .

An “About Us” Video

A good method to introduce your team and business to the public is via a “about us” film. It might reveal information about your company culture and be amusing, humorous, or serious. Additionally, you can utilize it to showcase your workspace and amenities. It is an excellent approach to spark interest in your business and what you do.

You might document information about your team, your work procedures, or even a day in the life of a single person. This kind of film can also be used to introduce yourself and your values to prospective clients or investors. Building credibility and trust with your audience through this is a terrific idea.

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Brand Overview Video

A video introduction is a fantastic method to introduce people to your business or brand. You can discuss what you do, why you do it, and how your business stands out from the others. Additionally, it is an excellent chance to showcase the culture of your business. This kind of video can be really beneficial during the hiring process.

It explains what working for your organization is like and aids candidates in determining whether they would be a suitable fit. You could also check for instructional videos from companies like RugKnots or others. You can provide a thorough overview of your company with the aid of these movies. You’ll discover what information belongs in an introduction video, as well.

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