AdSense Alternatives- 7 Ad Networks That Will Approve Almost Any Site/Blog

I’ll hazard a bet that if you’re reading this, you need to monetize your website or blog quickly and that Google AdSense is not treating you well.

Or perhaps you want to learn about other AdSense alternatives out of pure curiosity. I have you covered, no matter why you’re here. Because I’ll be demonstrating 7 distinct ad networks to you today that will approve your blog very immediately.

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Top 7 Best Google AdSense Alternatives 2023


This advertising network has managed to appear on every list of AdSense substitutes I have ever read. I decided to give them a try after wondering why they are so well-liked. My blog received immediate approval, and they offer a wide variety of ad options for computers and mobile devices.

It is virtually impossible to lose money using this network. Your website or blog will continue to generate income as long as visitors keep arriving.

Cpm, CPC, and CPA models are used by They use a variety of ad types, including as banners, slide-ins, pop-unders, footer advertisements, mobile conversation, and others.


All you need to do to monetize your blog with this network is sign up, create a widget, and paste their code into your blog. They’ll immediately begin displaying pertinent adverts on your blog, and then your work there is finished.

The majority of their advertisements operate on a cost-per-action (CPA) basis, so your traffic must convert before you can profitably use them. They are well known for their poor payoff because of this.

They will run native advertisements, content discovery ads, or content suggestion ads on your blog.

  1. Yllix Media(

There are numerous ad types available on this cpm, cpc, and cpa network. Slide in, pop-under, mobile redirect, banner, and interstitial are just a few of their ad formats.

All websites are automatically approved, allowing you to start making money from your website in less than five minutes.


They are among the first PPC ad networks on the internet, just as the website suggests. Although they are infamous for accepting websites of poor quality, their remuneration is occasionally acceptable.

They offer banner, layer, pop-under, slide-in, and many other ad styles.

You can choose which ad formats you don’t want to see on your blog by setting your preferences.

  1. Ad-Maven(

It is easy to join this network; all you have to do is add your website, make an advertisement, and paste the code onto your website.

They use pop-unders and layer ads as ad forms. Their cpm rate is good, and their user interface is quite straightforward.


I won’t suggest using this pop-under website as your primary website or blog because it is one.

They have the best cost per thousand impressions (CPM) in the pop-under market, in my opinion. Even setting your own minimum cpm rate is possible. That’s really neat. Additionally, you may specify how many pop-ups each visitor should view each day.

Read More: AdSense Alternatives- 7 Ad Networks That Will Approve Almost Any Site/Blog


This is also a pop-under network, like Popads. You can choose the type of advertisement you want to appear on your website, and they even accept adult websites.

They use a variety of ad forms, such as audio adverts, video commercials, and slow-loading material.

They only show one pop-under to each visitor, and their advertisement is friendlier than popads’.

The Top 7 Adsense Alternatives for New Publishers are thus presented. Which network am I overlooking and which one are you interested in checking out first? Please remark and let me know.




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