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Best Apple Apps that Pay you Money

You read that correctly. Apps that genuinely pay you exist. Interesting? Of course it is, in fact.
There are a ton of websites that advertise smartphones for sale, and if you use an iPhone, your interests will likely be in those that advertise iPhones for sale. We are confident that you have come across these websites every time you want to sell or buy a smartphone or mobile phone for yourself or for a loved one.

Speaking of the subject that caught your attention, a ton of reliable apps exist that will actually pay you £££! Nearly everyone has a smartphone these days, but instead of playing games or using social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, why not use it to make some money for yourself and supplement your income? There are many apps that pay you money, and for your convenience, the majority of these apps are free.

We looked through the Apple App Store and have compiled a list of beneficial and cost-free money-making applications that will fill your wallet with cash.

So get ready; we’re going to list some of the top Apple Store apps that you should download right away on your smartphones so you can start increasing your revenue.

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Although you can earn money using these apps, we advise you to be motivated by being creative, consistent, and disciplined before installing them on your iPhones. And NO, they are not at all scams.

Swag bucks

One of the most popular apps for earning prizes in the Apple App Store is this one. The app has a lot to offer, including the ability to purchase, watch movies, play games, do surveys, and even use the Swag bucks website as a search engine.
Simply watching TV there will allow you to earn SB, or Swag bucks, the abbreviation for Swag bucks.

To learn more about this app, click here:
To make this link work properly on your iPhone, open it.

Shop kick

This app is for you if you enjoy shopping and are a compulsive shopper. Through this software, you can earn incentives that you can later use. Shop kick rewards you with points for visiting retail locations, scanning product barcodes, or even just buying particular items. Additionally, you can find deals and useable coupons on this app to save money.

You can download this app from this link:

Field Agent

The Field Agent app, which promotes itself as the first of its kind, allows you to make money by completing various tasks and assignments. You must visit the locations assigned to you and provide reviews in the form of brief essays or by uploading photos. You can make about £5 for each task you complete using the app. PayPal will be used to pay you.

Download the app from:

Receipt Hog

Both Apple and Android users can get this software. You get rewards from Receipt Hog for shopping in stores rather than online. All you have to do is use the Receipt Hog app to capture pictures of your receipt after shopping. By doing this, you will accumulate points that you may then use to purchase vouchers or cash using PayPal. You can also play on the Hog Slots if you want to earn a few extra points.

App download link:


You can participate in survey taking while lounging on your couch at home and earn up to a few pounds in return. This app is all about earning money by sharing your opinions. In this app, almost every survey can take up to 20 minutes. As a result, if you have some free time and want to use your phone, try using this app to make money by sharing your opinions.

Available in the App store at:


This money-making program is incredibly user-friendly and straightforward. Upload a picture of your grocery store receipt to the Shopium app. Your submitted receipt is compared to the deals that are available in the app. The app’s use of free things to advertise referral networks is one of its interesting aspects. If you register for this app using a referral code, you will receive a free gift, such as chocolate, and the person who recommended you will receive bonus credits.

More details at:


CheckoutSmart is one of the top shopping cashback apps on the App Store, according to reviewers. It’s a great app for getting cashback on your grocery purchases. Take a picture of your shopping receipt, upload it to the app, and just like Shopmium, you’ll receive cashback for the receipt you’ve uploaded. Here, you have an advantage because you can upload the receipt or receipts directly to the company’s website

Here is its download link:


This software is for you if you want to receive £1,000 for doing nothing. Just install the app on your iOS device. Fill out the app’s registration form completely, and if you have a referral code, enter it. This app is totally free. You can enter the drawing to win a significant sum of money by simply watching two advertisements. Every day, keep checking the app to see if you’ve won. So play the app while crossing your fingers.

Link to download:


Bounts is an additional helpful app for making money on your smartphone. You can earn points on the app for being active by exercising, running, or even visiting the gym. This app allows you to earn points, which you can then use to buy vouchers.

Download link:

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