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Digital Marketing: Why Brands Should Be Taking It More Seriously

Every business has a product or service to sell, but the majority of them lack an efficient marketing strategy to enable them to do so. Even fewer business owners consider the internet to be a useful tool for reaching and targeting their target market. Such a large opportunity is just waiting to be taken advantage of. The fact that more and more people are making purchases online and actively searching for goods and services online serves as further evidence of this opportunity, which can be taken advantage of by using the right digital marketing strategies.

Career opportunities with Digital Marketing

Businesses are diving into the field of digital marketing with their kind of budget in an effort to discover the potential of the digital media. Thus, it is not surprising that there are more new work prospects and job titles that are exclusive to the digital world. Numerous organizations, including telecom behemoth O2, Times of India, and Moz in partnership with Fractl, have produced their own studied data highlighting this tendency.

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The future Digital Marketing has and can offer

People’s over-dependence on smartphones and other portable smart gadgets has significantly increased the potential of digital media. The propensity to use these devices for almost everything—from social media interaction to the use of various mobile apps for activities like shopping, news consumption, gaming, and content sharing—has a lot to do with the growing trend. According to Smart Insights, 90% of mobile app users own smartphones and spend their time on them exclusively.

Even industry titans like Google and Facebook are making an effort to take advantage of this by launching mobile-friendly services for both consumers and advertising. In order to encourage more businesses to adopt the idea of targeting their audience online and selling to them, they are attempting to make the integration of mobile ads into the online marketing plan straightforward as well as effective.

Read More: Digital Marketing: Why Brands Should Be Taking It More Seriously

How Happily Unmarried made the most with the help of Digital Marketing

Happily Unmarried first entered the market in 2003, but it wasn’t clear what or who it should target. The company had no business plan and was unsure on how to proceed. Later, the company’s founders Rahat Tuli and Rahul Anand had an idea that was made possible by a strategy; they decided to launch amusing items and products for men’s grooming under the name USTRAA. Additionally, they used digital platforms to interact and communicate with their target demographic, which helped with marketing and sales efforts.

In 2016, they have a very committed customer base that is still growing. Why did they succeed? primarily with the use of both offline and online sales channels, specifically:

  1. Website Happily Unmarried
  2. Happily Unmarried stores
  3. Online selling hubs such as Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal
  4. Multi brand retailers

They have a mobile-specific website since they have seen a significant increase in income thanks to mobile targeting. And they anticipate a 70% increase in internet sales, which currently account for 20% of overall revenue, to expand.

Thanks to the buzz generated by the efficient use of Facebook Ads, Happily Unmarried is a favorite among Facebook users (with 5 lakh fans).

The distinctive branding of USTRAA undoubtedly has a significant role, but so does carefully planned and strategically positioned pertinent material. They never preferred the method of pushy selling, and it’s actually working out pretty well for them.

Given these insights, it would be unfortunate if one could not think about using digital marketing for their business.

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