How to Get More Traffic to Your Instagram Live?

I can’t get many people to connect on my Instagram Live! Don’t worry, if ten, one hundred or thousands are connected, the important thing is that those who are in the Live connect with you, receive valuable content and become your community and even clients. But if you want to bring more traffic to your Instagram live, take note, I will help you.

Use Instagram tools

What better way to drive traffic to your Instagram Live than by convincing the same people who consume content within the platform, don’t you think? We just have to analyze the situation a little and see how we can help ourselves from Instagram.

Countdown to bring traffic to your Instagram Live

You know what I mean? The sticker that we have in the stories to program a countdown. Yes, this way we create expectations and we make sure that people do not forget our Instagram Live. Make sure to accompany the sticker with a video explaining what the Live is about, as always, focus on the benefits that you will give to the users who enter and not simply a schedule of what you will talk about.

Place the sticker daily in your story, with videos, striking images, a good title and you will see that you will be able to bring more traffic. Every post regarding Live must assure Instagrammers that missing out would be a bad decision.

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Question sticker

Yes, I keep talking about the stories. People always have questions, doubts or concerns and we must make sure we answer them, because if we do not, they will be able to look for an answer in another profile and we would be taking away community and distancing people from us.

Let’s ask questions making it clear that we will answer them in the Live, write them all down and at the end of the Live you will be able to answer all or most of them at least.

Invitation post to drive traffic to your Instagram Live

Stories last 24 hours, a post in the feed will last longer. Educate based on what you will be talking about on Live and then invite them. So you can leave the post evergreen without any inconvenience.

Use all the means you can to reach the right people and thus bring more traffic to your live. You can create a post, a carousel, a video. Invite your followers and encourage them to come in, offer them content that helps, educates and entertains.

Invite other people to participate in your Live

As you know, now you can invite 3 people to participate in your Instagram Live. This means more traffic, because if you bring more people together, your community will also join Live.

This will be a very good option, in this way you can give more information to your followers and make the Live more interactive. Have them also count down and promote the live one, in this way more users would join, which is what we are looking for.

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Who can you invite?

  • Experts on a topic related to your niche.
  • To your coworkers, helpers, team.
  • Colleagues.
  • Up to clients.

Use Telegram to drive traffic to your Instagram Live

Telegram channels can be great allies when it comes to bringing traffic, let’s not miss the opportunity to use them to invite our community. Those who follow us on Telegram is because they support our brand and us, they allow us to reach them more directly and with a message to share valuable information.

Since we decided the date of the Live until that day we can send messages. Be careful, let’s not focus only on Live, let’s also take care to continue with certain topics of our usual programming to continue educating and not overwhelm those who are part of our channel.

Email marketing

Email marketing works a lot. You do not know how many people you can influence, educate and convert into customers from there and of course, use it to drive traffic to your Instagram Live.

An email with an interesting title can increase the open rate of the email, which means more people will know about your Live. Now how can we make them not only know about it live, but watch it? By providing information of interest, convincing them that you will answer many questions they may have, you will share information that will help them a lot and that they will not regret participating.

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