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How to Use Instagram Reels to Boost Your Brand

Will Instagram Reels help brands develop and stand out amid the present cacophony on social media? Reels are a new approach for Instagram to engage and connect with your followers and audience.

Instagram’s newest feature, Reels, debuted at the beginning of August as a rival to TikTok. Instagram users may now make short videos to share advice, motivation, or cheery feelings. TikTok initially attracted a tween and young adult audience, but more entrepreneurs have recently started using the platform to generate leads for their brands.

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Here’s how you can begin utilizing Reels for a comparable objective and expand the reach of your brand and business:

  1. To develop a look and feel for your reel, review Instagram’s tutorials.
  2. Create a storyboard of the advice you wish to provide that is consistent with your brand. Giving three suggestions seems to be a simple approach that can help with creating your first reel.
  3. Before uploading your first reel, practice a bit. You can erase and try again with ease. Try to use every element Instagram Reels has to offer while making your first reel, including the soundtrack, typeface, and font style. It should be noted that a few Instagram users have complained that the music option isn’t available.
  4. Make use of the increased space to your advantage. Starting to produce material on IG Reels will inevitably increase your influence and aid in recommending your channel to those browsing Reels. You may generate attention, build connections, and increase sales by developing amusing tips that are related to your area of expertise and industry.
  5. Use longer viewing and follower engagement. According to Miami dermatologist and co-founder of MyBiaLife Shasa Hu, “My first reel was merely displaying a face mask hack where I attached buttons to my surgical cap to reduce the strain of ear loops of KN95 masks.” Only two Reels, one on platelet-rich plasma procedures and the other on Covid mask tips, have been produced by her. Nearly 32,000 people have already watched both reels. Despite the fact that the content wasn’t specifically about skincare or aesthetic procedures, front-line healthcare staff can still profit from the knowledge presented.
  6. Increase sales and strengthen your relationship with followers. Reels make it simple to reuse content, and since the content is more entertaining and engaging, followers are more willing to pay attention to messaging. The more deeply connected you are, which is a terrific method to increase sales, the longer your followers will stay engaged.

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Even for tech-savvy users, IG Reels has a somewhat high learning curve, according to Dr. Hu. “It isn’t entirely obvious, for instance, that you can add text and pictures to different frames within each reel. Be patient, experiment with layering text, graphics, and GIFs on your reel, then play back the Reel to see how your adjustments seem. It took me a while to figure out how to add and update an IG Reel.”

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