Top 50+ Free Search Engine Submission Sites List 2021

Likewise, I believe the search engine is the source of organic traffic most crucial to any site or blog. It is also an important aspect of SEO activities. In addition.

In this article, I continue to tell you about search engine submission sites and how bloggers and marketers can submit URLs to their websites.

As we know Google continues to be the most common search engine in the whole world (Among Bing, Yahoo, MSN & more).

And around 90% of users are looking for their query using this.

However, it is also important for us to submit your site or blog URL as a website or blog owner for other search engines.

As it will provide you the quality backlinks as well as boost your ranking on Google. Also, you will get organic traffic from that search engines.

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What is The Search Engine Submission?

The submission of search engines is still the way numerous search engines are requested to crawl and index your site.

The techniques used by the search engines for presentation of your website on its classification pages are the crawling including indexing.

Therefore your website is seen in all search engines when it is running this process.

Any major search engine, such as Google, Yandex and Bing, limits the effectiveness and genuinity of the websites through the use of several search engines.

You may be aware of some highly prominent search engines on the internet.

However, the people generally use many different search engines but are not yet very popular.

You can get used to promoting the SEO and exposure of your website.

As I said before, two concepts (crawling and indexing) for understanding are generally needed for online search before you submit your website to the Submission Sites.


Using the Spider either Crawler to crawl through the site, you submit your website on the search engine thereafter.

The search engine starts to crawl one page later and links each web page to some pages. This is why updating your map is important.


Search engines generally are utilized to crawl and to index your company website or personal blog automatically.

If, however, your website remains indexed for any purpose, then what can you do with it?

Then you have no choice but to submit the website to search engines.

A search engine spider will usually be crawling and indexing your page automatically.

Simply put, if your website is not indexed for any reason by the search engine.

Then your site cannot be ranked as SERP therefore either submission is the most powerful search engine listing.

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Why to Submit Your Website into Search Engine Submission Sites?

Moreover, the other common search engines are included on Google and are still one of the most potent means for providing free, focused website traffic.

The most essential traffic by search engines in the world is still organic (or more specifically unpaid).

Since it is still considered to be one of the most popular sources of information and news.

How to Create Account on Search Engine Submission Sites?

To create a successful registration on specific sites that I have suggested with you below, you need to take care of the following given steps:
  1. Choose any sites from the search engine submission sites list.
  2. Always pick up only one website at a time moreover create an account on it.
  3. And after account creation, just submit your website URL or blog to the specific site.
  4. And once you are done with the first site then follow the same method for all the other sites.

It is suggested to make usage of the sites that are free search engine submission sites. You don’t need to pay for submitting the site or blog’s link on it.

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List of Top Search Engine Submission Sites 2021

S. No. Free Search Engine Submission Sites Domain Authority (DA) Page Authority (PA)
01 93 75
02 93 57
03 90 55
04 90 97
05 66 50

Free Search Engine Submission Sites List

S. No. Free Search Engine Submission Sites DA PA
01 56 43
02 54 55
03 53 58
04 49 66
05 49 49
06 44 57
07 40 55
08 37 49
09 36 38
10 33 50
11 29 55
12 29 41
13 27 49
14 27 21
15 24 35

More Useful List of Free Search Engine Submission Sites

S. No. Free Search Engine Submission Sites DA PA
01 53 67
02 47 50
03 44 52
04 44 51
05 39 49
06 36 44
07 34 36
08 32 39
09 30 37
10 29 44
11 19 47
12 18 21

Best Methods to Utilize Search Engine Submission Sites

The submission process on different submitted platforms for search engines remains essentially identical.

You simply have to go one by one to the submission websites of the search engine and provide the necessary details accurately.

Let me explain it further and more by detailing these things below in depth.

Utilize Proper Details

Make sure you accurately complete all of the relevant data when submitting details on the search engine submission sites.

Your titles, keywords, homepage links, email, etc. You will be requested. Always ensure that all the right information is provided.

Sign-up Before Submitting Your Website

Some webmasters of the search engine allow you to directly connect to your dashboard. Some of them allow you to register.

You should also register on a particular webmaster page.

It will help you to make the necessary changes and improve the details if needed.

Check for Blocked Indexing Through The Robot.txt File

By the guidance of the robot.txt file, you provide certain permissions to the specific spiders.You must enable the indexing in the robot.txt file to enable the search engines for crawling your website flawlessly.

Practice The Top Sites Carefully

You have to pay greater attention to search engine submission sites during the use of the leading search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yandex, and others.

The highest traffic will be given to you by some search engine submission sites.

Therefore, make sure that all data is always updated and that all websites are found on the homepage.

How to Check If Your Website is Indexed or Not?

To do that, you only need to type in the Google search box your website URL. And it’s going to display you if Google knows your website.

You may have to submit your website to Google if your website does not have the No. 1 result.

To verify whether a page has a single text from a certain page, insert it into the “in quotes” search field unless a search engine is left to elevate it.

However only put your website: to see if your website is indexed or not according to SEO standards.

Then your page should come up and if Google continues indexing your site. You can use the “site:” command operator.

Why Your Website Not Found on Search Engines?

Search engines as Google will require to find your site before it can crawl, index, rank, and present it in its listings.

If you understand your website, Google bots (the crawler Google utilizes), access your page.

If it is crashed or indexed first using GoogleBot, your site might be easily listed in Google Search.

Maybe Google still doesn’t understand your website. A site does not classify itself in Google for numerous reasons.

Benefits of Using These Sites

When you do a URL submission on the search engine submission sites, you can perceive many advantages. Among those plus features which you will get, I have mentioned below:

Do-follow Backlinks

You may build valuable and pertinent backlinks for your site, either blog, on search engine submission sites.

Those links serve as votes to help your website gain a higher position on the results page for the search engine.

The more submissions you submit to various search engines, the more background links you will be able to obtain.

Higher Traffic

Millions of users own high-performance search engine submission sites. If you use your website ideally, you can produce an astonishing amount of traffic.

Business Awareness

Submitting your site to search engine submission sites will spread awareness regarding your business moreover brand on the internet.

People will acquire to know regarding your products and services while your site is presented to them online.

More Exposure

Search engine submission sites also provide your business more exposure in SERPs, generating leads.

Free Advertising

Search engine submission sites allow you to advertise your products & services for free, which signifies an added benefit for your business.

More Conversions

If you know about your products, brand or service, you will come to you whenever you need your products and services.

In addition, this improves sales in total company income.

You should begin sending the URL of your website to the search engine application list in order to implement your company with these advantages.


I hope you can now find it very easy to comprehend and perform properly what the submission is for search engines.

Use all submission sites of the search engine to maximize the crawling and indexing of your website and submit the site URL to particular platforms.

You will certainly acquire very rapidly the most positive results in your search engine rankings.

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