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What strategies do you follow to get more Facebook reviews?

The majority of brands advertise their goods and services on the popular social media platform Facebook. It is one of the oldest platforms around and has a higher number of active users. Reviews are one of the best aspects that help brands expand their online presence while caring for their customers among the many features and capabilities that Facebook offers.

Facebook plays a far larger role in this equation than you would realize. Online reviews are an essential component of a company’s reputation. Considering that 81% of users base their purchasing decisions on social media reviews, increasing the number of Facebook reviews for the company will be easy thanks to the Facebook review widget.

It is insufficient to just have a Facebook account and accept reviews. Brands must encourage consumers to leave reviews as well. Getting reviews helps a firm with several issues that it could encounter. These reviews might give you a head start and assist you in finding the issue without further delays if there is any lag in your brand’s performance.

The more reviews the better, in theory. But getting clients to leave reviews might be difficult. We’re here to provide you some ideas on how to encourage more Facebook users to submit reviews. Let’s now discuss some tactics you can use to increase the number of reviews.

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How to get more Facebook reviews?

Even if it sounds impossible, only receiving favorable ratings creates a fairly phony impression. Speaking of this, we cannot stop bad reviews from appearing because they are just as important to this as positive reviews.

Therefore, you can take the following actions to prevent the bad reviews from harming your brand:

  • Respond to them immediately.
  • Apologize for the way things turned out
  • Take prompt actions and inform the customer
  • Ensure that the issue has been escalated to the designated team

Here are some ways that can help you generate more Facebook reviews and help your business grow while improving your online reputation.

  1. Add a review tab to your page 

The first thing to do is to check that your business page has a tab for reviews. It only takes a few clicks to enable the reviews slider by going to your page settings and selecting the tabs option. I guess that’s all. The timeline tab for reviews and suggestions will be visible to your audience.

  1. Promote the page 

Your audience on other social media platforms may not be aware that they can submit reviews on Facebook if you do not let them know. Cross-promotion on websites like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube is essential.

It’s not necessary to overdo cross-promotion. To increase awareness and entice clients, use straightforward, unobtrusive messages that are easy to read.

  1. Embed reviews on the website 

Without any technical knowledge, design outstanding review widgets with Facebook as your source platform utilizing social media aggregator tools like Tag box, and show them on the website.

Utilize different capabilities to highlight the top reviews, add CTAs, alter themes, change the card style, and customize the widget with custom CSS. By encouraging website users to publish reviews, you may easily reach a wider audience.

  1. Add CTA on the site 

The majority of your audience visits your website when they are ready to make a purchase. Keep them interested and give them a push to leave Facebook reviews by making it apparent that they can do so using engaging CTAs in the appropriate places.

  1. Roll out emails 

Emails are easy to forget about, but they provide better results than any social media platform. People that sign up for your email list are aware of your company but still opt to get updates. Utilize UGC in your emails by requesting reviews. If you can, offer a discount to sweeten the purchase.

  1. Post on Facebook 

The majority of Facebook users scan their news feed before closing the program. How frequently do you envision yourself going to a company page? To overcome this difficulty, write a fresh Facebook post urging customers to create reviews.

  1. Send DMs using messenger  

We are all aware of the importance that chatbots are acquiring today. Chatbots are typically opened more often. They keep progressing in the marketing sector. These tools are worthwhile to try once customers have gotten acclimated to seeing them.

  1.  Send an SMS to ask for feedback 

We are all aware that the bulk of individuals who shop online or even learn about new businesses do so on their mobile devices. Therefore, gathering evaluations is quite convenient. Using the capabilities of mobile, we may send them SMS messages to motivate them to leave reviews.

  1. Enable notifications to keep replies instant 

How would you find out when a review is submitted if all you do is ask for reviews? The easiest way to deal with this problem is to make new review alerts available. In this manner, you’ll be notified when a review is submitted and can respond to it right away.

Up to you!

Getting facebook reviews helps:

  • Improve the organic reach
  • Make the brand credible to potential clients
  • Build trust in your Facebook fans
  • Promote positive reviews and happy customers on the page
  • Acquire the top position in Facebook professional services finder

Additionally, it has additional advantages including increasing brand recognition, reputation, client base, and ultimately conversion rates.

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