5 Small SEO Wins To Implement This 2023

Google continues to rule the search market, and this trend is most likely to continue in 2023. Therefore, if you concentrate on the search engine giant, whether or not you plan to outsource SEO to the Philippines, you can succeed in this optimization game.

However, dominating Google results pages calls for careful strategy. It would be excellent if you have the proper techniques in mind as well as the tactics listed below that would give you tiny SEO victories.

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1) Publish more targeted content

Google only recently made their BERT algorithm public. Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers is known as BERT.

BERT deciphers the requests thanks to natural language processing software. Therefore, the algorithm’s goal is to comprehend each query’s intent in order for Google to present more precise and pertinent results. Machine learning improves accessibility to this.

There’s no need to trick Google in this regard. So that you can deliver material with the best level of contextual relevance, you need to study how consumers structure their queries.

Google Search Console is your staunchest ally. Check the functionality of your website by visiting the dashboard. You may view the search terms that bring up your website (based on the number of impressions and clicks).

If you notice high numbers of impressions but less clicks, it may indicate that the landing page did not fulfill the query’s objective. Adjust the landing page accordingly to the inquiry.

You might also attempt a Google search for the term. To find out the precise keywords visitors use in the search area, check the sections titled “people also ask” and “similar searches.”

2) Use branded anchor texts

Building E-A-T, which stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, is another aspect of dominating Google. This relates to branding.

It may not be simple to establish your website as the authority in its field, but branding can help.

Brand-focused SEO is getting more prevalent today. So take advantage of any chance you get to employ branded anchor texts to start brand searches. If you already have the material, you can easily incorporate branded phrases into this evergreen SEO plan at no expense.

The search engine will try to rank your website higher on SERP as more users begin utilizing your brand name and branded product or service names on Google. Google views your brand as trustworthy, therefore more users should see it.

Try using your company name as the anchor text for external links if you are running a link-building effort. Create links for both the brand name and the product or service names, as well as the list of generic keywords.

The June 2019 Core Update’s consequences have already become apparent. Branded anchor texts were used in the majority of the winning entries.

3) Target position zero

The information that Google displays above and to the side of the organic search result is referred to as position zero. These include the knowledge graph, featured snippets, 3-pack features, and carousel. The straight response to a question, however, holds the most sway in position zero.

If your website has a high domain authority, backlink-generating material, quick loading pages, and keyword-optimized and purposeful content, you can increase your SERP position.

Not all content is appropriate for slot zero, to continue the content theme. There are specific formats to adhere to even though information that is either objective (financial, taxes themes) or subjective (reviews, listicles, how-tos) will do. Definitions and comparisons raise your chances of landing in the desired position as well.

However, be sure to include a numbered or bulleted list in the material. The sub-headings should be given a header tag (h1 to h6). With these tags, Google can quickly organize the data.

Select appropriate keywords as well. Select high-volume, long-tail keywords. Choose a keyword that, as much as feasible, immediately responds to a query or contains an action word. The 5W and 1H questions are addressed in featured snippets (what, where, when, who, why, and how).

You can get help from a digital marketing agency in designing an SEO plan with the express purpose of reaching position zero.

Read More: 5 Small SEO Wins To Implement This 2023

4) Implement structured data

However, search features don’t end at position 0. Structured data markup is a wonderful additional method for showcasing your internal pages. More information or sitelinks are primarily provided.

Structured data enables Google to pull additional information from your page for users to see. When it does, it increases the visibility of your website. This is due to the fact that the IT giant is dedicated to giving consumers educational pages that are brimming with pertinent and useful information.

For illustration, the properties family Name, given Name, birth Date, and gender could be used to describe a person. Additionally, it can be used to a company, location, object, food, recipe, logo, review, etc.

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