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20 Best Website Monetization Platforms for Publishers to Make Money Online

Are you worry about your website and want to earn money from it? Did you hear a lot about the monetization platforms like Google Adsense and etc?

Whenever we discuss about monetizing websites, the first name that comes n our mind is Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the most popular monetizing platform in the world. Most of the website owners or admins try to approve their website for Google ads.

As we know that the advertising industry is growing day by day. Therefore, it would not be a stretch to say that Google has competitors who can give them a good run for their money. It may take some hits and trials to check out which ad network generates the highest income. However, after figuring it out publishers can efficiently work on monetizing their websites and blogs. In this article, we will let you know the best website monetization platforms to monetize your website.

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CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate contacts consumers around the world and influences them online and offline in every aspect of their purchase process. It is one of the money-making companies on the website which can benefit you enormously.

  • First of all, it helps you increase the reach of your brand.
  • Second, CJ encourages world-class publishers to promote their products and services successfully and reward them.

Web developers and publishers can also get commissions through their partnership with the most well-known businesses worldwide. In particular, you can successfully market and leverage your products/services.


AdSense is the free website monetization platform for gaining money by advertising on your site. Even when seen on smartphones and tablets, Google Monetization examines ads to guarantee they are of good quality and that they are relevant to your audience. You may block advertising you don’t like, personalize where advertisements are displayed, and choose which kind are the most appropriate for you. AdSense allows you to tap the largest ad network and make the most out of your advertisements.


MGID is renowned for being one of the leading native affiliate ad networks. They have highly trained and friendly account managers and though traffic is not the cheapest around, there is a lot of high converting traffic on the platform employing advanced targeting functions. Video, header widget, sidebar widget advertising are available beneath the article widget.

Audience Network by Facebook

When they are online with other applications and sites, people spend a lot of time on Instagram and Facebook. And monetization website companies undoubtedly strive to seize this chance. The same applies to monetization systems on Facebook’s website.

Audience Network is a monetized Facebook Website that enables advertisers to contact more people who are elsewhere online or spend their time elsewhere.

The Audience Network is one that uses tactics such as targeted, auction, and distribution as a Facebook ad for monetized applications on a Facebook website. Thus, with Facebook’s support, advertisers may expand campaigns from Facebook and Instagram to websites and apps of high quality around the Internet.

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AdCash helps you achieve your digital publicity objectives. It is an international affiliate, media purchaser, publisher, and ad network online advertising platform. With its advanced in-house optimization technology, digital advertisement tools offer your firm results. This platform supports advertising around the globe. It makes it possible for publishers to pay a minimum of money for their web traffic.


RichAds is a high-performance ad network for scaling ads, offering massive traffic volumes: 4+ billion advertisements in 220 countries every day. Advertisers can display their adverts from the beginning on Premium sources and are picked automatically on your account.

Personal account managers help launch, optimize and scale advertisements, whitelists, creative manufacturing, and insights into the traffic for particular GEOs and verticals. It’s easy to put up modern algorithms to optimize automation using the fast and responsive UI. The aim is to provide the ads with a maximum performance by Target CPA, Smart CPC, Automatic Rules, and Micro Bidding.


RUNative is a unique entirely independent ad network with high-quality worldwide traffic and unique, efficient push and in-page push notifications, and video placements. Their premium traffic sources complement your dating, gaming, gaming, and Nutra services perfectly! The in-house built system from RUNative serves more than a billion ads per day, making maximum conversions possible.

Propeller ads

Propeller ads improve revenue for marketers and affiliates with a powered advertising platform. You’ll get the number of conversions you want. You may therefore feel assured with fraud prevention technologies as a site developer or publisher.

The platform is a robust self-serving platform that is extremely easy to use. It relies on quick boarding, simpler ad creator, and in-depth reporting in real-time to monitor your success.


RevenueHits offers ad-serving technology that is context- and geographically targeted, making this a good choice in GDPR times. Publishers can monetize websites, mobile sites, add-ons, controls, toolbars, and more in the publishing network.

In all geographical areas, it offers a 100% fill rate. Apart from display advertisements, the ad network allows publishers to use text advertising, pop-ups, apps, widgets, XML feeds, and other unique formats to monetize their website.

  • Model: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPV, Auction
  • Minimum traffic: None

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The world-famous ad network Adsterra offers over 30 billion annual impressions worldwide, with a partner care approach.

Adsterra works with direct and 8K+ publishers, affiliates, media agencies, and commercial ad networks that deal with mainstream and non-controlled vertical products.

Thanks to its speedy consent and a 3-tier security screening, the service enables a quick start. Advertisers can either pick between an intuitively automatic self-service platform and live chat help or work with a personal manager.

Adsterra offers you a wide range of payment methods: Paxum, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, Capitalist, Yandex Money, Visa/Mastercard, Bitcoin, PayPal, and Wire Transfer.


Until January 2019, Verizon Media is known as Oath, an advertising company that provides publications access to advertisers and ad server technology solutions.

Their solutions enable publishers to pick from header tender alternatives to typical waterfall publishers to meet premium inventory demand. Publishers are also supplied with brand security measures and seamlessly integrated ad inventory management solutions. A display, mobile, native, and video ad stock is supported in the ad formats.

  • Model: CPM, CPC, CPA
  • Minimum traffic: 300,000 monthly impressions

Propel Media

Propel Media is a platform that links client intentions to actions exactly. It enables advertisers to target the correct public to achieve performance at the correct time.

Propel Media Ad Marketplace connects digital marketers to single audiences with intentional technology in real-time. It is characterized by an extremely competitive price, innovative, high-performance advertising goods, and ad fraud prevention. uses native budgeting and is tailored for more users in the design of your website. You can also drive your audience to contextually relevant articles on your site through the native ad unit.

So, what do you do with Media.Net revolutionizes your ad strategy with its Contextual Ads. The technology provides smooth, targeted adverts and substantially larger incomes as marketers pay more for qualified visitors.

Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media deals with the marketing of contexts. It allows firms to provide publicity that is relevant to what concerns people. The platform enhances viewability and is distributed in secure, high-quality publishing systems across numerous devices.

The Vibrant is among the number of monetization platforms on the website that enables publishers’ partnerships to promote sustainable income and to preserve user experience.


The Exponential integrates digital media footprints to provide superior digital marketing with private audience data and technology. This is one of the numerous websites that have been developed to fulfill the requirements of competing advertising. In the current situation.

The exponential platform allows uniform media and device functionality to deliver improved creative formats. It is based on precision for the corresponding audiences on a scale. It supplies adverts in premium locations across numerous screens.


Revcontent is a premier platform for advertisers to drive a fully engaged audience through technology and Media brand partnerships. The Revcontent provides a further stream of revenue by monetizing the user’s content recommendations.

Revcontent supports extensive targeting options to drive quality audiences, which enable vendors to boost audience growth, cultivate loyal customers, and enhance revenue.

GlobalWide Media

GlobalWide Media provides premium media solutions to brands and agencies through a data-driven platform. This platform links high-performance advertisers through brand marketing and direct response. Their technique uses thousands of single-owned data points, provides precise monetary forecasts, and optimizes profit.


BuySellAds enables highly skilled audiences to web owners, publishers, and marketers. They do not supply distracting adverts or invasive data and only offer brand-safe, respectful placements that drive outcomes.

BuySellAds builds powerful publishers’ sales technology and links marketers with qualified, valued audiences.

Amazon Associates

Among the different website Monetary platforms, Amazon Associates is another great platform. The website is really user-friendly. For example, because Amazon is such a popular purchasing site, the adverts are so important to most users.

Therefore, if a visitor views any Amazon online merchandise, the item is shown as a redirected ad. One means that, with this click, the online publisher receives a share of the revenue.


At times when the public is closest to fresh messages, products, and services, Taboola will assist promote your business. Taboola is also a powerful publisher among the website monetization platforms.

Because it presents your audience with what is relevant, fascinating, and new. You thus receive fresh commitment, prospects for revenue, and reach new audiences.

Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform is one of a several Google Monetary Platforms. It integrates your advertising and analysis together to help you develop quality interactions with customers and deeper insights.

You may quickly integrate, access, deepen your understanding of your consumer segments and identify your most valuable audiences with this Google Monetization website, for example.

Doubleclick is a web page that helps you get a deeper understanding of your audience and create greater results in marketing.


Finally, these are the best website monetization platforms for which websites can work. These are offered to publishers, advertisers, website owners, and developers of all kinds. The Monetisation Platforms website will then support you in a number of good and improved ways.

  • Firstly, they provide trusted results and payouts in various ways.
  • Secondly, this improves the website performance and target campaigns.

These best website monetization platforms also help to get a large public, optimizes traffic, and generates a huge income. Therefore, if you choose the appropriate arrangement for yourself among the different monetization platforms, you will be in a win-win situation. So, what are you currently using among the website monetization platforms?

Publishers may monetize their websites efficiently using the correct ad network. Before signing up to an ad network, we suggest that you test for several alternatives. What platform also helped you maximize income? Let us know.


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