8 Best SEO Tools For Content Optimization

Here at Search Engine Journal, I write a lot of essays about how to optimize your content.

However, I rarely discuss how to achieve this at a large scale.

When it comes to content optimization, enterprise marketing teams, in particular, confront major problems.

For instance, there’s the sheer governance issue of maintaining content across multiple properties, as well as optimizing a big portfolio of web pages.

Fortunately, many SEO solutions offer enterprise-level functionality or enterprise-level subscriptions to make optimizing large amounts of content even easier.

Here are a handful of my favorite content-related enterprise SEO tools, along with instructions on how to use them.

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1. Surfer

Surfer is a content optimization software that employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate tasks that many SEO professionals previously had to complete manually.

It evaluates search results and determines the most effective content optimization strategies.

This algorithmically-driven tool basically assesses the top URLs for a specific keyword and extracts useful information about what these pieces of content are doing successfully, as well as how to apply these findings to your own material.


Surfer’s Business subscription package allows for up to 140 audits every month, 10 team members, and 70 content editors, making it ideal for businesses.

This means your company can use the Content Editor to audit up to 150 pages or posts every month and amend up to 70 pieces of content.

Internal teams, agency partners, and freelance writers can all use Surfer with ease.

If you plan to outsource your SEO content tasks, you can give the Content Editor a shared URL to share with whoever is working on your project.

How To Use It

Surfer offers a variety of content optimization options, so how you use them is entirely dependent on your SEO objectives.

The Content Planner may be used to plan your content and establish an editorial calendar.

You can utilize the Brief tool to have AI write an SEO page brief for you.

You may also use the Material Editor to improve old and new content.

I propose starting with the Audit tool to evaluate your content and identify possibilities to improve it.

Surfer will generate go-forward recommendations for your SEO content strategy when you enter your site, page, or post URL.

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a well-known SEO tool that specializes in keyword research, competitor analysis, and backlink analysis.

It does, however, include a number of capabilities that cater to the content optimization needs of organizations.

Rank Tracker, for example, enables firms to track keyword performance and identify ways to improve existing content.

Furthermore, Content Explorer provides previously undiscovered content ideas as well as opportunities to earn valuable backlinks.


Ahrefs is an excellent enterprise tool since it provides global keyword research, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and content investigation.

It claims to have a database of more than “1.6 billion search queries” and the “largest index of backlinks.”

The tool’s purpose is to serve as a “single source of truth” for businesses making strategic SEO decisions.

How To Use It

As previously said, Ahrefs provides a number of tools to help you with your content optimization efforts.

Content Explorer, on the other hand, is my favorite because it allows you to search through billions of web pages and find SEO and social insights.

To find new opportunities, simply type a topic into the Content Explorer.

Ahrefs also has a variety of options to help you narrow down your search, such as the number of referring domains, live vs. broken links, language, traffic value, and social shares.

Finally, you may dig further into any piece of content to discover if a page is gaining or losing links, or if traffic has risen or fallen over time.

3. Semrush

Semrush is a renowned SaaS tool for SEO and content marketing that helps organizations and marketers get more out of their content.

This application can handle everything from keyword research to competitor research to social media management.

It’s a “one-stop-shop” for all of your SEO needs.


Because you may research, track, measure, and optimize for a near-infinite number of keywords, the Business membership plan is best suited for large corporations and enterprises.

And you’ll need a technology that can keep up if you have numerous websites with hundreds to thousands of pages, each ranking for thousands or tens of thousands of keywords.

You can even go bigger with a Custom plan tailored to your company’s exact requirements.

In conclusion, Semrush provides over 50 tools and reports to assist you in overcoming your content marketing issues.

These tools will assist you in creating a strong content strategy as well as optimizing your content to increase organic traffic.

How To Use It

With so many tools and functions in its toolset, it’s impossible to explore all of them.

Instead, I propose the Content Audit tool and the SEO Writing Assistant, which are two of my favorite Semrush tools for content optimization (SWA).

Content Audit will evaluate the content on your website to see how it performs (in terms of traffic and keyword position) and how users engage with it.

It will then determine which pages are performing poorly and give an optimization proposal.

The SWA, on the other hand, is where recommendations are implemented.

It essentially functions as a “smart” writing editor that assists you in real-time text optimization.

This includes SEO and engagement improvements.

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4. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a website crawler that extracts data and audits for common SEO issues to help website owners improve their SEO.

Screaming Frog offers certain content optimization applications, despite being most known for its technical SEO auditing capabilities.

For example, it will highlight sites with “poor content” or duplicate page titles and descriptions that may need to be optimized.


Users can audit up to 500 URLs for free, but there is also the option to purchase a subscription to have access to more advanced functions, such as “no limit” URL audits.

This is beneficial to businesses since it allows them to audit and evaluate even the largest websites.

Screaming Frog can also efficiently audit huge sites while providing real-time results.

This means you can start implementing the SEO advice while the tool searches the remainder of your website.

How To Use It

I recommend starting with a premium license straight away if you know your website has more than 500 URLs.

You will be able to audit your entire site without being limited by URLs.

You can crawl your website when you’ve downloaded Screaming Frog and validated your license.

Watch as data such as the number of page URLs, image file sizes, technical blocks, and more is propagated by the program.

Pay attention to the following outcomes for content optimization:

  • Low content pages.
  • Missing meta descriptions.
  • Duplicate meta descriptions.
  • Missing title tags.
  • Duplicate title tags.
  • Missing H1 headings.
  • Duplicate H1 headings.
  • Broken internal links.
  • Broken external links.
  • Missing H2 headings.
  • Duplicate content.
  • Missing image alt text.
  • Missing structured data.
  • Pagespeed (entire report).
  • Orphan pages.

If any of these problems present, your content will need to be optimized.

Keep in mind that some mistakes could be caused by site-wide issues, so evaluate your website holistically so you can make bulk improvements as needed.

5. SparkToro

SparkToro is an audience research platform that helps organizations generate better, user-focused content. It was founded by Rand Fishkin.

You won’t be able to create amazing content unless you write with your target audience in mind.

Simply told, SparkToro analyzes the websites your consumers’ visit, the social accounts they follow, the hashtags they use, and other factors to assist you in creating content that appeals to their interests and behavior.

The goal is for AI to “forget audience surveys” and generate accurate and useful audience insights in a matter of seconds.


While the Agency subscription bundle is aimed towards marketing agencies, the same capabilities might be useful for businesses as well.

Unlimited searches, up to 250 social media results, demographic data, and up to 50 users for your team are included in this pricing level.

Spark Toro is ideal for all larger organizations because it can sift through millions of social and web results to discover your target audience’s preferences.

The type of content you generate, the search phrases you target, the platforms you market your material on, and how you optimize your content to inspire readers to take action can all be influenced by this information.

How To Use It

SparkToro provides a helpful How it Works video that walks you through the platform’s capabilities.

SparkToro can be used to:

  • Make a list of periodicals that your target audience enjoys.
  • For multiple audiences, compare the sources of impact.
  • Make your PR, social media, content, and outreach initiatives a top priority.
  • Examine the web visibility of your company.
  • Examine the audiences of your competitors.
  • Look for possibilities to gain backlinks or media attention.

Overall, use SparkToro to figure out where your potential clients hang out and what kind of material they like to consume.

Then use this information to better your own content, come up with new content ideas, and increase website conversions.

6. Clearscope

Clearscope is a content optimization technology that assists businesses in developing highly relevant content.

Clearscope employs artificial intelligence (AI) to discover what consumers are looking for, what content is doing well for these searches, and how brands can enhance their content to rank higher in search results.

Calculate your “Content Grade” to evaluate the SEO of your existing material or to raise the score on fresh content as it’s being created.

For businesses trying to optimize their content on a bigger scale, Clearscope is a useful tool.


Clearscope is similar to Surfer in that it primarily serves as a writing assistant, but it also offers integration.

Clearscope connects with a variety of business applications, including Google Docs and WordPress. This allows for seamless adoption without the need for time-consuming tool switching.

Clearscope is also backed by a slew of well-known businesses. YouTube, Deloitte, Adobe, and Shopify are among the company’s current clients.

These are all enormous corporations with voracious appetites for information.

How To Use It

Use the Keyword search to examine the results for your target keyword, then create a content editor document where you may paste in current material or start from scratch. Clearscope will then make suggestions based on organic search data, such as word count, secondary keywords, headers, and keyword usage.

Clearscope also provides a Readability score to assist you identify the reading level of your content. This will assist you in tailoring your material to a beginner to expert audience.

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7. Frase (also known as “Frase”) is artificial intelligence (AI) research and writing software that assists you with “researching, producing, and optimizing high-quality SEO content.”

Frase’s claim to fame is supporting brands in streamlining the content creation process, which they do by cutting the time from hours to minutes.

The following are some of its most significant features:

  • Content Briefs – Allowing users to create SEO content briefs quickly
  • Content Writing – Recommendations for generating quality, high-converting content
  • Content Optimization – A comparison of your content with top search competitors
  • Content Analytics – Exploration into new content opportunities and recommendations for refreshing old content


For businesses wishing to “grow content production,” Frase’s Team plan offers a subscription option. Unrestricted document credits, unlimited document sharing, and three user seats are included, with more seats available for a fee.

Businesses can develop dozens to hundreds of content briefs using this strategy. The content can then be passed on to writers to write and optimize. This eliminates the requirement for an SEO consultant to optimize each piece of content individually or to start from scratch with a new brief.

Do you want to generate a lot of useful content for your company? Then you’ll need a tool that can handle this on a large scale.

How To Use It

Frase will produce a content doc based on the search keyword you want to target. This document can then be shared with your team, agency, or writer. According to Frase’s SEO suggestions, the writer can write the text.

You may also utilize Frase to generate new content ideas. Are you stumped as to which new pages or posts to create for your business? Frase can assist you in filling in the gaps in your editorial calendar with innovative, search-driven content ideas.

8. Hemingway Editor

Your content can be packed with keywords, but if it isn’t created with your target audience in mind, it will most likely fail to convert. The Hemingway Editor will assist you in avoiding the most typical error.

The Hemingway Editor can be used as a final pass after your material has been optimized for search engines to ensure it is bold and clear. Editing for voice, complexity, grammar, and overall readability are all part of this process.


Anyone (a marketer, team member, or writer) may utilize Hemingway Editor to optimize content because it is so simple to use.

So, even at an enterprise level, Hemingway Editor may work its magic in a matter of seconds.

If you’re working with a group of writers, have them run their work using Hemingway Editor to catch typos, passive voice, and other mistakes. When opposed to hiring an editor to make these changes, this will save you time (and money).

How To Use It

Color-coding is used by the Hemingway Editor to indicate flaws in your content. Consider the following scenario:

  • “Long, difficult sentences and common errors are highlighted by the program; if you notice a yellow sentence, shorten or split it.”
  • “You can use a shorter word in place of a purple one to increase readability.”
  • “In blue, adverbs and weakening sentences emerge. Get rid of them and forcefully select terms.”
  • “Passive speech phrases have been highlighted in green.”

You can either paste in current material and edit it, or you can start from scratch by clicking the “Write” option.

This tool is easy to use, informative, and ideal for optimizing content at the business level.

We Love Our Enterprise SEO Tools

Enterprises have lofty SEO objectives and a voracious desire for content. The requirement for content optimization sometimes appears to be inexhaustible.

That’s why enterprise-level SEO solutions are a blessing when it comes to mass content updates.

Are you working on a current project? Copy and paste your content into a content writing tool to make real-time changes.

Are you looking for some optimization advice? Semrush can help you quickly audit and optimize your content.

We adore corporate SEO solutions since they enable us to complete even the most difficult tasks.

So, even if you have a large site to optimize, these tools can take care of all the heavy lifting for you.

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