9 Best Essential SEO Techniques To Drive Organic Traffic in 2023

There are several SEO optimization tips that you can use to boost your organic traffic. These include keyword gap analysis, PPC testing, broken link-building, and “People Also Ask” sections. You should learn how to implement these organic SEO best practices for optimal results.

Also, you can get more information on each one from the resources listed below. To start your online marketing efforts, make sure to utilize these organic SEO techniques.

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1. Keyword Gap Analysis

You might be wondering how organizing your keywords will help your SEO. You can uncover the most lucrative keyword prospects by determining which terms have the most search traffic and competitiveness.

A keyword gap study can be carried out by contrasting your website with those of your rivals. By inputting their domains first, you may determine who your direct rivals are. After doing so, contrast your website with theirs to determine which keywords are most important to your company and are missing.

You can discover which keywords your rivals are using and which ones are performing the best in terms of SEO in Bend by using a keyword gap analysis tool. You may create visualizations in Excel 365 by using an add-on for Google Sheets. Additionally, you can manually collect the data and make your own visualizations. Your time invested in keyword research and analysis can be cut down with the use of a tool like Chart Expo for keyword gap analysis.


2. PPC Testing

PPC is one of the finest ways to test your SEO marketing plan. You may monitor the performance of your page content, title tags, and meta descriptions by launching a PPC campaign. Your SEO approach can be improved by changing them.

Additionally, you can test the content of particular pages on your website using PPC to determine what performs best. You may improve your website’s search engine results and increase traffic by optimizing it.

You must be aware of the most effective terms before conducting PPC testing. To find out which keywords are performing better than others, look up the keywords in Google’s Search Console. Various keyword combinations can be tested in PPC ads to determine which ones convert the best. It is critical to realize that search engine outcomes vary widely among various kinds of websites.

3. Leverage “People Also Ask” Opportunities

You need to understand how to take advantage of “People Also Ask” opportunities if you want to create a brand that can compete in Google’s SERP. The practice of Google utilizing the same resource for many queries is well known. You must offer the best response to these alternative inquiries if you want to develop a brand SERP. You can raise the search engine rating of your website by providing a customized Google answer.

4. Broken Link-Building

Broken link building is a crucial component of generating organic traffic, according to several experts. By building a significant number of high-quality backlinks to your website, it raises SERP rankings.

Broken link building is a dependable organic SEO strategy since Google favors material that is spontaneously shared. However, broken link building comes with significant risks. For instance, Google can punish you.

Finding dead links on other websites is one of the fundamental tasks in the broken link-building process. After that, substitute pertinent material for the pages that were eliminated. After that, be sure to check to see if your link has been obtained properly. Contacting website administrators and requesting their permission to use their links on your website is the next step in broken link building.

5. Page Index Status

To decide whether a page has a good possibility of showing on SERPs, the search engine spider searches the search index. The page’s organic traffic will decrease if its index status is “not indexed.” You can view what URLs Googlebot has attempted to index thanks to a feature called “Index Status” in Google Search Console. It is important to fix any mistakes as quickly as possible.

6. Internal Page Linking

Internal page linking makes it easier for users to navigate your website. A searcher is more likely to follow a link and view more pages the more relevant the information is to their search. Internal page linking also contributes to faster site performance, which is necessary to reduce extreme bounce rates.

Virtual silos of similar pages must first be created. Virtual silos are collections of related pages that are linked to one another in a deliberate manner. All of the supporting pages in the reverse virtual silo example lead to the target page. This does not imply that you must interlink all of your supporting sites, though. You might concentrate on only linking to pages that are pertinent to your topic.

When building your link graph, keep in mind your site’s business model. Internal linking optimization is equally important as having the proper keywords and pertinent pages for your organization. Decentralized sites can scale up with inventory, as opposed to centralized sites, which are typically content-heavy and closed marketplaces. As a result, be sure to use the correct organic SEO strategies and to connect to the appropriate domains.

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7. Publish Supporting Content

Your website will likely be people’s first impression of you and will be seen as an extension of your company. High-quality material must therefore be written. You won’t get very far by producing subpar content with the express intention of attracting organic visitors, and it might even damage the reputation of your website. A few crucial SEO optimization advices might help you increase organic traffic. These pointers for improving organic traffic are provided in this article.

Release supplementary information that is pertinent to the search keyword for which you are attempting to rank. More traffic results from higher ranks. But how can you guarantee that people see your content? Researching keywords is the first step.

The search console from Google is a great resource for this. By doing keyword research, you can come up with enticing titles and descriptions for your website. Don’t forget to create informative and educational content to draw viewers.

8. Remove Toxic Links

A “toxic” link is one that connects a website to a blog of poor quality. It will lose page rank, and it will be nearly impossible to regain it. Outdated site-wide links will also harm your rankings.

Low-quality blog posts that lack valuable material will have a negative effect on your organic traffic in addition to your ranking. It could be time to eliminate poisonous connections if the organic traffic to your site is significantly declining.

These harmful links can have an impact on your entire website or just certain pages and sections of it. You will need to stop employing the strategies that contributed to the issue and disavow the problematic links if you want to recover from the effects of these connections.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to restore your rankings to where they were prior to applying the filter. By employing these organic SEO best practices, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort to acquire more relevant links and raise your rankings.

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9. Core Web Vitals Optimization

Due to Google’s emphasis on mobile friendliness, it is now possible to use AMP to optimize your website for mobile (accelerated mobile pages). By 2023, smartphones will account for the majority of organic traffic.

A further factor considered by Google’s algorithms is page load speed, which gauges how quickly a webpage loads. They remove from their index websites with bad content or pages that take a very long time to load. The optimization of your website’s Core Web Vitals is a fantastic way to enhance this feature.

The quantity of relevant pages in Google’s search results can significantly affect how well a website is ranked. Page experience, in addition to page content, can significantly impact search results. Core Web Vitals scores are transparent and based on publicly available standards, which is a good thing. As a result, your Oregon SEO company can easily track and enhance these metrics.

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