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How to Encourage Customers to Leave Google Reviews

Making your customers happy is a challenge, but getting them to write a review and recommend your business is quite another. These evaluations are crucial since they increase the popularity, standing, and awareness of your company.

Google is one of the most well-known, accessible, and reliable review sites. Google reviews are crucial for a company’s expansion. Customers trust Google reviews around 88% as much as they do peer recommendations.

Did you know that 90% of people read internet reviews prior to visiting or buying from a business?

It’s not surprising that companies devise creative and intriguing methods to collect as many reviews as possible. The more people you have, the better reviews you get, the better chance you have of ranking highly, the more leads and sales you get, and the higher your revenue will be.

Stay closely as we explore some excellent tactics and helpful advice in this blog post to acquire more Google reviews.

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Why do Google Reviews matter so much?

Here is why:

  • 90% of users read reviews before trusting a brand
  • 72% of users say positive reviews help them trust a local business
  • Product pages with reviews have a 58% higher rate of converting clients
  • They give you a better understanding of what you are doing right and wrong as a business.
  • They also improve your visibility on Google.

Ways to get more Google reviews

You should be aware that just 40% of users read reviews that are older than two weeks, and only 85% of users trust reviews that are more than three months old.

I’m trying to emphasize that you should make sure that your reviews are current and that the best ones are featured at the top. Here are some tips to assist you.

1. Simply ask!

Asking your audience for comments on the goods and services you offered is the simplest way to get more reviews. People are more likely to contribute evaluations without hesitation when you ask them directly since it adds a personal touch.

2. Embed Google reviews on the website

Utilize review aggregation, display, and customization tools like Tag box Widget to organize reviews. The widget can be modified to fit the style and feel of your website. Additionally, you can edit the review content to remove any unrelated material.

These systems provide simple methods for displaying Google reviews on your website and don’t need you to know how to code.

3. Send follow-up emails

Make sure to be personal in your follow-up emails, express gratitude for their input, express appreciation for their feedback, help your audience realize the significance of their evaluations, and include a direct link to make the review-sharing process simple for them.

4. Lave something behind

Contractors and neighborhood businesses frequently use leave-behinds, which are modest tokens of gratitude or freebies that brands provide with a customer’s purchase. These gifts are not always another product; they can also take the shape of advice, contact information, business cards, feedback cards, etc.

5. Use review links on the website

Customers can leave reviews by using a custom Google review link, which is added to the website. Users can more easily provide feedback on your website without switching between tabs if you have a customized Google review link.

6. Appreciate bad reviews

Even if a user gives you a negative review and it was unrelated, don’t criticize them. Take ownership of your actions and deal with the user in a mature and sensitive manner. Follow the reviews and give prompt responses. Send the comments to the right team, make sure the problem is fixed, and extend your sincere apologies to the client.

7. Use CTA and popups on the website

People often put off writing reviews, in particular. With the use of persuasive CTAs and popups, you can encourage procrastinators. Users are encouraged by these modest gestures; pop-up messages that ask, “Enjoying? Write a review!

8. Always respond on time

We advise you to promptly reply to both positive and negative evaluations. Thank the client for their positive review. Do not wait to respond if they leave a bad review. Make sure you address the problem, express regret for the inconvenience, and, to the extent possible, answer the question.

9. Offer exceptional customer support

Online evaluations are like the 6 o’clock news in that you only emphasize the bad ones. By far the simplest approach to acquire a Google review is to consistently deliver outstanding customer service. As and when they ask, try to answer them.

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You need to monitor and maintain these reviews now that you understand how to encourage customers to leave them. To convert them into devoted consumers, make sure you don’t just answer but actually take the appropriate steps and follow up with them.

So why are you still waiting? Start by obtaining better reviews.

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