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How to Make a Career in Advertising & Marketing in 2021

Imaginative, sought-after, glamourous, influential, powerful, impactful, and the integral sector in the marketing sector, yes, and it is absolutely fair enough to state that it is certainly an inseparable activity whenever a business house is concerned. If you haven’t guessed it yet, then I may as well presume that you are unaware of the importance of the Advertising sector in the business world. Speaking of which, I suppose a little more information is indeed necessary for you to find out if this field is worth working on.

Let us know about the career options, salary, eligibility criteria, selection process, educational expenses, various courses, training institutions, and the scope in relation to identify and pursue a career in the advertising industry.


The advertisement refers to notice or announcement in a public medium which promotes a product, service or event, or a job vacancy. The concept of advertising has lived with us for many years and they have been able to boost the sales for several ranges of products and services in a really short span of time.

Advertising is the activity that subsists on the creation of want where want does not exist. The people in the advertising industry try and lure the viewers to crave things other than the things that they require naturally like wheat, rice, vegetables, and so on and so forth. It aims at making quick sales and quick profit at the cost of unsuspecting buyers.

Every profession has its share of flaws along with the better part of it being beneficial and advantageous and people often neglect the consideration of the drawbacks before choosing a specific career path. Hence, to avoid such a distasteful experience, it is better if one gets to know the pros as well as the cons of working in this domain beforehand, and to make it convenient they are mentioned below.


  • Chance to enhance creativity
  • Reach to a large audience
  • Job-status
  • Monetary Satisfaction
  • High growth and promotion potential


  • Challenging job
  • Long working hours
  • Competitive job environment
  • No time for trial and error

A successful career is one where the individual is driven by the zeal to work harder and accomplish the goal despite all the unfavorable circumstances and one can certainly bend the demerits a little to form a balance and attain the desired results.

Career Options in Advertising

In a world as vast and populated as ours, all things must be advertised to have an impact. No matter how phenomenal a book or article is or how profound a film or how useful a product, it has no utility if it does not reach the consumers and it requires real talent and skill to convince people in trying or viewing these. This is where the creativity of the personnel of the advertising industry comes into action.

Identical to the other business activities this industry also works with an aggregate of uncountable members who work with zeal and passion to give rise to the most favorable and impactful advertisement for their customers which are of course the new or existing brands. One can look forward to fitting into any of the jobs mentioned below, as per their qualifications and interests and it may please you to know that there are many distinct job roles in the advertising industry which maximizes job satisfaction with incredible salary offerings.

1. Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst is responsible for organizing surveys and coming up with data on customer preferences. Their main objective is to collect such data and prepare reports on the preferences and suggestions for uploading the business profiles. It is the pretty hardworking and effective sphere of the advertising industry as based on such database the companies usually design their advertisements, be it the print or visuals.

A market analyst can earn up to $3000 per year and it definitely increases with time and experience.

2. Client Serving Executive

The client-serving executive communicates with the customers directly either by mails or calls and links that information with the management. They are highly trained in managing customer grievances and provide solutions and answers to any of their issues or queries. This job requires a lot of patience and extraordinary communication skills and quick decision making to be able to handle and manage the situations really well and with minimum damage to the company’s goodwill.

The client-serving executive in any advertising firm can earn up to $3000-$5000 per year at the initial stage.

3. Media Planner

The completion of the production of any ad demands its ability to reach millions of people at hand. Hence, the media planner/s decides where can the advertisement be shown for a longer duration so as to target a specific market group. Then after planning of the advertisements is usually done by the media planners and they manage all the scheduling of the ads than on.

An advertising media planner usually earns a sum of $4000-$6000 per annum and there are high chances of it being incremented.

4. Advertising Accounts Manager:

Totally evident from the name, an ‘advertising accounts manager’ is responsible for taking into account the costs, profits and financial activities of the business house. It’s because of them that all the operations function efficiently and without any crisis.

An advertising accounts manager earns a sum of $4000-$6000 per annum at the initial stage, which keeps on increasing as the years pass by.

5. Visualizer

A visualizer usually works hand in hand with the graphic designer and is responsible for creating amicable and extra effects on the visuals created by the graphic designer. They usually manage and assist the graphic designers in creating new content which can either be in the form of an image or a video.

A visualizer can expect to earn a sum of $3000-$5000 per annum.

6. Graphics Designer

How can a graphics designer be excluded when it comes to bringing alive a vision! Graphics designers are responsible for creating the graphics used in making any advertisement. Every advertising agency, big or small, requires a graphic developer and hence their job can not be neglected.

A graphic designer earns a sum of $4000-$6000 every year and if the work is creative enough, one can expect to earn a lot more.

7. Copy Writer

Impactful content and the actual lines for the ad are written by the copywriter. They are specialized in the dissertation of ad scripts and are required to bring about short but relevant lines for the product. Proper knowledge of the language and a stronghold at the cultural virtues are essential for working proficiently as a copywriter.

The income of a copywriter is somewhere near $3000-$5000 per annum at the initial stage.

8. Art and Production Director

The creation of the shooting place or the actual set direction is under the control of the art and production director. He/she is responsible for providing the design and the look of the advertisement as well as assisting in the making of it.

An art and production director can expect an income of $3000-$5000 per year.

9. Executive or Supervisor:-Executive or Supervisor

A supervisor is usually a part of all the departments of an organization and manages the operations of a particular field of the whole unit. They are good at management skills and help in the proper functioning of all the activities by providing relevant information within the departments. Their main task is to maintain transparency amongst the units.

An executive or supervisor is entitled to a sum of $2000-$3000 every year.

Eligibility Criteria

Education is the base that defines us all and our future. The likes and dislikes of the individual from the very initial stage of one’s schooling decide which career path one can choose to be successful in. The prerequisites for a career in advertising are listed below.

The first and foremost requirement for the undergraduate courses is that the aspirant must hold a clearance certificate for the 10+2 schooling from a recognized board and it can be done from any stream be it science, commerce, or arts. The minimum aggregate score should come up to 60-65%. There is generally no age limit as of now which is prevalent, however, one must be at least 18 years of age to attend the courses.

The requirements for postgraduate courses are quite flexible. The candidate must be a graduate in any of the particular courses available in the advertising field and the minimum aggregate percentage should be at least between 55-60%. The higher range of courses can usually be availed only after one attempt and clear the entrance tests conducted by the various institutions. These entrance tests are usually in the form of written tests, on clearing which, the candidate proceeds for the interview which comprises aptitude, personality as well as dialect test. IIMC Entrance Exam, Xavier’s aptitude test, SNAP are some of such entrance tests.

Educational Expenses

The matter of concern is always the cost involved in order to be able to attend the career-defining courses in the best possible institutions. Before the thought conspires in one’s mind, it is better to let it pass and replace it with the days after when the course is completed and the job is obtained. The cost may seem huge when not earning, but one can always cover it up after getting a decent job.

The educational cost depends on the courses as well as the institution, nevertheless, on average, one can expect to spend Rs.70,000-Rs.1,00,000 per annum for any course ranging between six months to two or three years.

Various Courses

The courses for advertising personnel are designed in such a way so as to upheave their creative, innovative, communicative, leadership, presentative, managerial, and theoretical capabilities. The courses are generally halved into two components which comprise theoretical in the first half years and practical as well as actual fieldwork in the second half. The course can be of any duration but the process remains constant and actual business work in the conclusive months is a must. Some of the courses which one can opt for either at graduation or post-graduation level are enlisted below.

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Advertising and Brand Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations
  • Bachelors in Media Management
  • MBA in Advertising Management
  • Diploma in Public Relations and Advertising
  • Diploma in Advertising and Marketing Communication

As much as the above-mentioned courses, the relevance and applicability of the other mass communication course are also highly recommended to function in the advertising industry.

Training Institutions

The institutions play a vital role in familiarizing and developing the students with the skills and knowledge required to kick start a career in the advertising industry. It is henceforth necessary to make the right decision and choose the right institution for enriching and enhancing the proficiency of future advertising personnel. The most prominent and well-established institutions well known for providing advertising expertise to their students.

Career Scope

This is a contentious position of a world where countless products and services are promoted and sold like hotcakes, with the help of advertisements that persuade buyers, convincing them of the need to possess and use certain items. In the present day context, where sales and marketing operations have encountered a vast change due to globalization and online marketing practices, the role of advertisements cannot be undermined. If it were not for advertisements, the global marketing sector would suffer stagnation. It would not be wrong to admit that advertising has a significant impact on the rise and fall of any economy. Advertising not only promotes the purchasing potential of buyers but is also a means of employment for many. No doubt, this sector will never be short of opportunities to offer to creative individuals in the near future.

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