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Top 5 Digital Marketing Jobs for Beginners in 2021

Want to become a digital marketer and looking for the top digital marketing jobs? After months of exploring the depths of the internet, you’ve finally figured out where your interests exist: digital marketing. But that’s like figuring out the general direction you must take to get to your destination; you still need to navigate the smaller streets and roads. In the last decade, digital marketing has grown beyond a few clicks and weekend sessions. It’s a bona fide field in itself, and if you want to be successful in it, here are the top digital marketing jobs for beginners you can start:

1. Content Strategist: Content is king

We are sure that this is not the first time you have heard the statement and it probably will not be the last. As brands move from being “sellers” to providing quality information, they need someone who can increase demand by creating and managing quality content. This is where a content strategist comes in. This person plans the type of information that a company publishes on a regular basis. They determine the topic, voice, and individual content type, and at the same time control the overall message of the company.

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2. Digital marketer

A digital marketer is the closest thing to a door-to-door marketer you can find online. The main objective of this person is to spread brand awareness and improve visibility among potential customers. A digital marketer manages a business website, social properties, blogs, and email. In addition to spreading awareness, a digital marketer finds gaps in digital marketing strategies and fills them.

3. SEO specialist

Search engine optimization (SEO) will be around as long as search engines exist. In other words, SEO will never go out of style. It is about making a company’s website relevant, readable, and authoritative. The goal is to improve organic search engine rankings.

Search engines rank websites based on their relevance and authority. An SEO specialist modifies a web page to make it easier for search engines to rank them. Simply put, an SEO specialist generates additional traffic from search engines.

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4. Social media manager

As SEO specialists, administrators of social networks will always be fashionable. Over the past decade, the number of social media platforms has increased exponentially. From Facebook to Pinterest, these apps are a great way to get your brand known. A social media manager  is in charge of a company’s social media on multiple platforms. They are responsible for monitoring the presence of a company within them. This person represents the voice of a company on social media platforms.

5. Specialist in paid ads

If you love data and analytics, you should look to paid ad specialists. As the name suggests, a paid advertising specialist is in charge of a company’s paid advertising campaigns. Since paid ads work on a pay-per-click basis, analyzing their performance provides the company with insights into the effectiveness of its ad campaigns. In addition to analyzing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, this specialist is also responsible for researching keywords and discovering trends.

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Unlike most fields, digital marketing doesn’t have a particular degree, training, or certifications that tell you precisely what to do. But on the other hand, that’s the beauty of this work area. Since there are no academic requirements, you can enter the field if you have the right skills.

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