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How to Work From Home Without Getting Bored

While the ongoing health crisis normalized working from home for many positions, I have practiced home office throughout my professional career. I have never set foot in an office and my two companies operate completely remotely. After a decade of remote work as a freelancer, you’d think I’d get bored, but I wouldn’t.

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Have background noise

One of my favorite aspects of working from home is choosing what I do while working. Some offices don’t allow employees to wear headphones or listen to music during the day, but you can do so when you’re working remotely. The music I listen to at work varies from day to day: sometimes melodies, acoustic songs, folk songs or instrumental music are shown.

Our company compiles a monthly Spotify playlist of varied themes that are perfect for background noise while you work. You can also watch your favorite shows on the streaming network of your choice if you wish. As long as you can complete your daily tasks, you can choose the background noise you want and not have to deal with the awkward silence of the office.

Work from any surface

In an office you’re usually confined to working at a desk using a desk chair, which can become incredibly uncomfortable after a while. When you work remotely, you can choose where you want to work. I usually start my workday working at a desk and end up working on my couch.

My team members work from their beds, armchairs, puff chairs and more. Controlling the physical factors of your office, such as where you choose to work, can positively influence your overall productivity. In addition, it is also better for joints and muscles not to sit on the same non-conformable surface five days a week.

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Trade from anywhere

Just like how you can choose the surface from which to work, you can choose exactly where you would like to work remotely from. Working in the same space five days a week can get boring and make you feel uninspired. Periodically changing where you work at home can rekindle that inspiration and increase your productivity. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you have to stay home. You can work from cafes, restaurants, cafes and local libraries. If you’re on a college campus, you can work in multiple classrooms or study rooms.

During the warmer months, working outdoors is a popular choice. I lived on a street near the beach, so I packed a bag with my laptop and worked by the sea for several hours. I work with freelancers who operate from their balconies or poolside. Even our clients have called us from places that were not their offices. Don’t feel limited to working alone inside the house because you do home office.

Exercise at your desk

Many who work from home may not exercise as much as they would if they were still in the office. While drinking coffee or lunch still happens in your home office, your kitchen and coffee machine are probably closer to your desk than in the office. I bought a stationary bike under the desk to pedal during work. This extra exercise keeps my morning fun going while giving me the benefits of exercise, all from the comfort of my desk.

Customize your home office

While changing the workplace in your home is great for productivity, it can also be great at limiting distractions since you designate an area only for work-related tasks. In a traditional office, you may not always be allowed to customize your desk or cubicle as much as you can in your home office. Let your creativity shine by adding candles, plants, decorations, curtains, and anything else you need to make your remote office feel like a place you want to go.

Some of my team members have very minimalist office spaces, while others have well-decorated rooms that reflect their personalities. How you decorate your home office is up to you, but have fun decorating it, choosing its furniture, and setting up its layout.

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