Blog Commenting Sites List 2023

There are many efficient off-page SEO strategies to use while establishing high-quality backlinks. One such SEO technique that gives your sites the relevant backlink is blog comments. I’ll explain how.


The majority of websites allow you to connect to your website from your comments. Blog commenting is the act of publishing a comment along with a link to your website. It’s a helpful SEO tactic that increases online traffic.

Blog comments can be divided into two categories: manual and automated. To learn more about them, continue reading.

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1. Automated Process

The automated method entails using a variety of programs to publish comments on numerous websites that automatically approve blog comments. Instant approval blog commenting sites list is necessary for this. These blogs use open moderation and don’t require manual moderators to approve comments on various postings. The majority of these automatic blog commenting sites and processes are spam, so SEO professionals do not recommend them.

2. Manual Process

The manual procedure is quite useful to you if you’re looking for high-quality and natural backlinks for your website. You will undoubtedly receive permission because you are making comments based on the actual content. A manual blog commenting technique aids in generating heaps of visitors in addition to backlinks. The majority of high DA blog commenting platforms feature moderators who can accept or reject comments. If you leave pertinent comments on a particular blog post, they will be approved and made public afterward.


The advantages of using the top DoFollow blog commenting platforms are listed below. Hopefully, these justifications persuade you to start using this strategy to market your brand.

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1. Better Exposure

By leaving thoughtful comments on blogs in your niche, you can gain more visibility. Every day, millions of individuals visit these websites. Therefore, your comment with a link to your website will be shared with a large audience once it has been approved by the administrator of the blog commenting sites on which you have written comments.

2.  Get Connected with Top Influencer

When you select high DA blog commenting sites, it becomes simpler to interact with key industry influencers. Early posting of pertinent comments can result in responses from powerful influencers. You can connect with them using this.

3. Backlinks

The best blog commenting platforms can help with the development of meaningful do-follow backlinks. Nevertheless, some websites won’t convey link popularity to your website. However, by using the list of do-follow blog commenting sites that is supplied below, you will work to obtain backlinks that will increase your authority and traffic.

4. More Traffic

Other readers will be compelled to click on your site’s URL if you post comments on blog commenting websites that are extremely relevant, which will increase traffic.

Other justifications for using the list of high DA free blog commenting sites include:

  • There will always be opportunities for learning new things.
  • If successful bloggers found your comments and website content useful, they may contact you.
  • Develop your writing abilities.
  • Increasing your social media following is also beneficial. People are drawn to those who can help them find solutions to their problems.
  • Due to the link juice that these sites pass along, your site may rank higher in SERPs.
  • Additionally, your profile gets better, opening you more online opportunity.

You may be unsure about how to use blog commenting services now that you are aware of their benefits. The procedure is too simple!


The following tips will help you to use blog commenting sites effectively for improving overall SEO.

1. Choose Blog Posts Related to Your Niche

It’s wise to select only those blog commenting sites that are linked to your niche in order to reach your target audience. Your link profile will improve and your website’s traffic will increase as a result of posting relevant comments. You should browse these websites to conduct a Google search for your niche’s blog commenting websites:

  • Niche-related Keyword + “add your comment”.
  • Niche-related Keyword + “submit your comment”.
  • Niche-related Keyword + “add comment”.
  • Niche-related Keyword + “submit comment”

2. Reveal your Real Details

We advise you to register with accurate information on these websites, such as your name, email address, and company logo. When you use actual data, getting comment approval is simpler.

3. Study the Blog Post before Posting Comments

Without reading the blog post’s content first, it is not delicate enough to navigate straight to the comments. In order to understand how your comment should be, you need also read the first few comments.

4. Post Appropriate Comments

Post an appropriate and sincere remark on a blog post. Make sure to provide lengthy information, often 100 words or more, to give the impression that it is more pertinent. While utilizing the blog commenting websites, be sure to use proper grammar and spelling. This will demonstrate your knowledge and skill in your niche. You can simply get the admin’s approval of the comment by doing this.

5. Early Commenting Habit is Good

You should remark as soon as you can to increase the visibility of your comment to other users. This will assist you in attracting the interest of influential people in your niche.

Additionally, starting a long conversation with your comment by providing interesting comments early. You gain more fame using free blog commenting platforms as people start leaving pertinent remarks on your comment.

6. Keep following up the blogs

After leaving comments on those blogs, it’s not a good blog commenting habit to ignore them. You can become a frequent early commenter by following up frequently with high DA blog commenting sites.


It’s critical to take precautions to prevent errors that could damage our internet reputation. Therefore, use the advice below to make your blog commenting successful.

  1. Ensure that all comments on your site are genuine and free of spam. There are numerous methods available for identifying spam comments. If you are found spamming, you will be punished.
  2. Avoid substituting your real complete names for keywords or search queries.
  3. Never use abusive language when leaving comments on blogs as this may prohibit the blog administrator from approving your comments.
  4. Do not leave comments without responding. Making a contribution to every conversation is advised.
  5. Posting comments that are unrelated to the specialized subject is best avoided. Comments like “great post,” “thanks for the information,” and similar expressions are too brief. You should publish one or two posts outlining how their information has been helpful to you in order to get the attention of other readers and the site administrator.

There are other off-page SEO techniques that increase your website ranking like directory submission, profile creation, business listing, guest posting, article submission, social bookmarking

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