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3 Tools to Add RSS Feed on Website

Nearing 2023, the content marketing industry must be aware that RSS feeds are a thing. Even if this may be the case, we suspect that many of you are unaware of the many uses for the trusty RSS.

The way marketing is going right now, consumers seem to be addicted to content consumption. In fact, according to the Content Marketing Institute, 63% of content marketers employ their content strategy to increase customer loyalty. This is where an RSS feed widget is needed, according to the data.

If you’re not familiar, an RSS feed widget is a useful block that enables you to show the content of open RSS feeds from other sources. Additionally, it is an excellent technique to improve website users’ browsing abilities.

However, we are here to assist you if you are still unsure about what tools to utilize to add an RSS feed widget to a website. In this article, we’ll talk about the top three tools for adding RSS feeds to websites. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get started.

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Smart Tools to Add RSS Feed on Website

Let’s face it: RSS has played a significant role in your content marketing plans. You both love and despise it because of how intricate it is. In fact, the majority of marketers are unable to use an RSS feed widget. Furthermore, what trustworthy tools should be selected while deciding whether to include an RSS feed widget on a website. And the incorrect assumptions regarding RSS feed widget are at fault. Here are three techniques to help you cut through the misunderstanding and clear the air. Learn about it and then say thanks to us.

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Tagadd has consistently received positive feedback from its users when it comes to adding an RSS feed widget to a website. When it comes to following and reading posts, it is your best option. You can gather, arrange, and add RSS widget on websites with the aid of the program.

The best feature of this tool is that it works with all of the main content management systems, including WordPress, Wix, Weebly, etc.

In addition, Tagadd makes it simple for you to alter the RSS feed widget’s overall appearance. The tools that allow for customization include selecting themes and layouts as well as altering font colors and sizes. The program can even adjust the card’s aspect ratio and change the curve style.

Using the moderation panel, Tagadd enables you to delete the content from your widget that you do not want to display. All of these capabilities enable you to improve the overall appearance of your RSS feed widget and increase visitor retention.

New sloth

In case you were unaware, Fee ditty is now known as New Sloth. It’s another another excellent solution for adding RSS feed widget to websites. You can use websites to acquire news and data about your sector. Additionally, you may use it to create RSS feeds, curate material, read news feeds, and gather market intelligence.

You may organize all the sources using the newsroom function of this application. By carefully topicalizing the content, this feature also aids in reducing information overload. In their tool, this topical grouping is also referred to as article clustering. This feature’s main advantage is that it gives readers a rapid understanding of the content they want to view.

The articles from the sources can also be searched for using keywords with New Sloth to achieve the required results.

Feed Wind

Another excellent tool for integrating an RSS feed widget on a website is Feed wind. According to the tool, there are only five steps involved in the embedding procedure. Additionally, it gives you the option to choose the widget’s width in pixels. Even better, you can make your widget responsive. The range of patterns offered by Feed wind is what we adore the most. Readers may quickly scan all the content thanks to Feed wind’s auto scroll arrangement. Additionally, the Multiple Feeds style makes it possible to display posts from various blogs in a single widget.

You may also display thumbnails in your widget using Feed wind. The number of characters and words displayed in your widget can also be modified. You can use this function to help you think of a hook for your audience.

In A Nutshell

RSS widget has been pushed out of content marketing during the past few years. But given the overwhelming clamor of social media, we believe the moment has come to understand its significance. and incorporate in the marketing plans.

But keep in mind that your RSS feed widget won’t support your tactics unless it is reader-friendly. And we made an effort to highlight the tool’s most reader-friendly features. Therefore, go ahead and make your shot!


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