6 Easy Ways To Get High-Quality Backlinks

There is no doubting the importance of high-quality backlinks in modern digital marketing. As a result, you must carefully monitor your backlinks using a backlink audit. The success of your digital marketing is increased when your website has the appropriate backlinks.

Similar to the blood in our bodies, backlinks. To successfully rank on Google, digital marketing strategies depend on these backlinks. Without the assistance of backlinks, websites cannot thrive.

However, obtaining backlinks of a high caliber is not simple. Millions of webpages must be searched through in order to find what is best for you. We have therefore compiled the top 6 strategies for obtaining high-quality backlinks. Get the perfect backlinks for your website by following this approach.

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What Are High-Quality Backlinks?

You must be able to recognize which links are regarded as “high-quality” in order to obtain them. You can concentrate your efforts to obtain the finest results if you can identify which ones are best.

Not all backlinks are created equal; some can help your website perform better while others can hurt it. In addition to enhancing your backlink profile, focusing on high-quality backlinks will give your website a more polished appearance.

High-quality backlinks are:

  • Relevant
  • Updated
  • Non-competitor
  • Natural
  • Reputable

These characteristics make up a backlink, which raises the rating of your website to the top of SERPs (search engine results page). Your website’s rating can be significantly impacted by even a small number of high-quality backlinks. This demonstrates the strength of the backlinks.

How to Know If a Domain Gives High-Quality Backlinks

We rely on domain rating systems from credible SEO websites like Moz, Ahrefs, and Google Analytics because Google does not disclose its ranking determinants. These ranking techniques provide a reasonable estimate of how well your website does on search engines even though they are not totally accurate.

Domain Authority (Moz) and Domain Rating are the names of these domain rating systems (Ahrefs). When a website has a higher domain rating (DR) or domain authority (DA), it performs better in SERP.

A website with 85 DR, for instance, would function better as a backlink than one with 32 DR. The backlink profile of a website with 85 DR will be superior to that of the latter. Use this tool to check the domain rating for your website.

The difficulty in link building emerges at this point. How can a low DR website link to a small website? How will high-DR websites know you have a presence there?

Get High-Quality Backlinks NOW!

1. Do a Backlink Audit of Your Competitor’s Websites

The initial step is to look for high DR websites connecting to your competitors’ webpages. You might anticipate seeing specialty websites in the backlink profiles of your rivals as they operate in the same industry as your website.

You need an online tool to crawl rival websites in order to perform a backlink assessment. There’s no need to waste time locating each every backlink.

Then, in order to understand which elements are crucial in establishing the worth of a backlink, you will need a proper backlink audit guide. You can get a general idea of a backlink’s worth from variables like DA, DR, and organic traffic. From the backlink audit, create a backlink portfolio to compile all potential backlink sources.

As a result, you are on par with your rivals (at least). However, just because you and they are in the same niche does not necessarily indicate that they will connect to you. To obtain these backlinks, you must still put in effort.

Importance of Backlink Auditing

Let’s examine the two main reasons why backlink audits is important for link building.

  1. To look at competitors’ backlinks– doing a backlink audit can help you determine which specialty websites to contact.
  2. To look at your website’s backlinks – backlink auditing can help you identify the websites that are harming your website. Using the Google Disavow Tool, you can delete these websites.

2. Create Linkable Assets

Content that other websites are likely to connect to is referred to as linkable assets. In other words, these linkable materials naturally build backlinks to your website. These include:

  • An industry survey with useful data.
  • Content that provides new solutions to old problems.
  • A controversial take on a hot industry topic/debate.
  • An infographic with relevant data.
  • Case studies in your industry or niche.

You can provide them linkable assets once you have a backlink portfolio from our prior talk. Let them decide whether to connect to your curated content after showcasing it to them. By doing this, you have a better chance of receiving natural backlinks from rival websites.

All you have to do is improve these linkable materials so search engines can find them quickly. With SEO-optimized material, you may anticipate getting several emails from people requesting permission to link to your assets. Such information can be reused in their blog entries. Simply remember to link back to them!

3. Write Guest Posts for Niche Websites

The fastest and safest technique to gain relevant backlinks for your website is through guest posting. You are in charge of determining the caliber of backlinks you can obtain because you get to pick the websites where you guest post.

Here’s how to write a guest post for a specialty website:

  1. A backlink portfolio from the backlink audit of rival websites would be a must. You can compile a list of websites that you want to target with your guest post. These websites ought to be pertinent to and related to yours.
  2. Create a guest article that is unique for each website based on their respective target audiences and genres. When writing a guest post, always take your target audience into account. Your article should strike a chord with its intended readership.
  3. Send a guest post proposal to the desired website.
  4. Await their response and express gratitude for whatever choice they may choose. Congratulations if your pitch is successful! Try your hand at other websites if you don’t. Your writing can be used on websites with a similar audience.

You need to boost your game if you want to build a high DR website. Every day, thousands of guest post pitches are sent to high DR websites. Consider how your pitch will differentiate itself from the competition. If your pitch doesn’t catch their attention, they won’t see your amazing content.

4. Use the Skyscraper Technique

Today’s digital marketing landscape is centered on creating content that is pertinent to users. Long-form material typically appears in the top SERP results for highly trafficked keywords. This is a result of the skyscraper technique, a link-building strategy.

The skyscraper technique is motivated by competition. Similar to skyscrapers in a cityscape, you must create content that transcends that of your competitors. Your content demands more attention the taller it is.

Your objective is to write more than 1500 words in an industry case study that your niche competition provides, for instance. Make more thorough research on the case study, and in under 2000 words, deliver content that is relevant.

Enhance your thorough guides and offer reliable resource links for your information. Your material will be considered link-worthy by niche websites looking for information. This skyscraper strategy will provide you with natural backlinks.

You can utilize this linkable item to pitch it to high-DR websites if you want to go one step further. As a result, your website receives more high-quality backlinks.

5. Provide Valuable Resources for Reporters and Other Bloggers

Reporters and other bloggers can benefit from industry updates. For instance, if you publish material soon after the new iPhone 14 is out, industry bloggers and reporters will swarm to your story.

You will not only receive a large number of backlinks to your resource content, but also backlinks of excellent quality. You’ve struck GOLD if you receive a backlink from a high DR news website!

On pertinent industry forums, you can serve as a source for journalists and industry bloggers. Share your unique material with the world, and you could just earn the high-quality backlinks you’re looking for.

Additionally, don’t be hesitant to grant exclusive interviews to news reporters covering your industry. The reports they will publish will result in brand mentions and backlinks for your website.

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6. Get Links From Outdated Resources

In a single day, hundreds of websites change their domain names or names. Some of these may work in your sector. Backlinks from these out-of-date sources point to an out-of-date website.

Gaining backlinks is the ideal chance at this time.

Inform the websites that link to the outdated website that they are doing so. Send them an email outlining your issue before pitching them on your material. You better act quickly because anyone in the same niche can obtain these backlinks.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Find industry websites that have either fully shut down, changed their name or domain, or both. Websites that have not been updated with the latest information might also be resource links.
  2. Examine the dated website to determine what services are provided to visitors.
  3. Run a backlink audit on the outdated website using the Ahrefs Site Audit tool. Follow the instructions in the aforementioned backlink audit guide. Identify the appropriate linked domains and create a backlink profile for the out-of-date website.
  4. You must provide material that is superior to the out-of-date resource if you want them to link to your website.
  5. Inform the webmasters of the dated website and pitch them your content.

Chances are good that they will connect to you instead if you offer them more relevant information than the out-of-date one. Introduce them to other linkable resources on your website as a next step.



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