Top 12 Backlink Checker Tools for 2023 (Free & Paid)

Your website’s backbone is its backlink profile. SEO experts claim that backlinks are crucial for generating traffic and increasing domain authority, which makes them critical for achieving top rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

However, you really need backlink building tools and a plan of action in order to develop quality backlinks.

If you’re looking for some of the most effective backlink checker tools available right now, you’ve come to the correct spot. To assist you in researching your competitors’ ranking backlinks and creating a foolproof plan, we have selected 12 backlinking tools for you.

So let’s get started without further ado.

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1. SEMrush

Digital marketing dominates traditional marketing because of its sophisticated methods and cutting-edge tools. It is a complete SEO tool in addition to a backlink checker. SEO, PPC, content marketing, rank tracking, competitor analysis, and other services are just a handful of what SEMrush offers.

Due to the numerous functions it has, many businesses and digital agencies employ it. It features more than 40 data-driven tools for experts in digital marketing.

This web marketing tool’s extensive database enables it to precisely check backlinks. It is also often updated, which increases its value. This single activity also aids in obtaining nofollow links and high quality backlinks.

SEMrush is used by more than 6 million marketing professionals worldwide, according to sources. SEMrush has 6 million users, 20 billion keywords, 142 geodatabases, and 826 million active domains, according to its statistics.

SEMrush is therefore your best choice if you’re looking for the greatest tool. It is a paid platform, though. But if you want to improve your strategies, this is the way to go.

SEMrush is the go-to SEO tool for major corporations like eBay, Amazon, Vodafone, Quora, Forbes, HP, and others.

2. Ahrefs

obtaining insufficient backlinks? Use Ahrefs. After SEMrush, it is another widely used backlink checking tool. Ahrefs is a fantastic substitute if you don’t want to use SEMrush.

There is a free backlink checker plan, however this utility only comes in paid versions. You can examine the top 100 backlinks of any webpage using this open structure.

Some of the numerous businesses that use Ahrefs include Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix, and Uber. Its popularity is due to the fact that it offers a fairly in-depth examination of backlinks.

You can view information using Ahrefs like;

  • Text distribution in anchors
  • Links that follow and don’t follow.
  • Rank of the domain New backlinks
  • missing backlinks, etc.

It aids clients in enhancing their SEO. The finest external backlink checker tool is certainly this one.

3. LinkMiner

LinkMiner by Mangools is another paid backlink checking tool when it comes to programs that cost money. On their website, you can sign up for a free trial, though. Despite being a newcomer to the industry, Mangools have been highlighted on websites such as Hubspot, Backlinko, IH, PCMAG.com, etc.

Users may rapidly evaluate their backlinks reports with LinkMiner’s assistance. This tool’s ability to categorize the backlinks is one of its strongest features (blogs, forums, etc.). It also provides a sense of the link’s strength. More than 2 trillion URLs have been crawled up to this point. The embedded website preview is another excellent feature.

LinkMiner is used by organizations like Deloitte, Adidas, Airbnb, and Alexa as their backlink metrics tool.

Read More: Top 12 Backlink Checker Tools for 2023 (Free & Paid)

4. Google Search Console

You undoubtedly already know about Google Webmaster Tools, often known as Google Search Console, if you own a website.

If you don’t want to use a commercial service, you can still use the free Google Webmaster Tools that are available to everyone. You may keep track of your backlinks using this application.

While Google Search Console displays inbound links, it is still preferable to correct SEO mistakes. Despite the fact that it typically reveals who is linked to you, it is helpful if it is generated naturally.

Additionally, it offers advice on how to avoid being punished by Google. A free tool cannot be directly compared to a professional’s premium product. But for those who are just getting started, Google Search Console is ideal.

5. Rank Watch

Try your hand at free backlink creating tools when you have less money. An excellent solution for it is rank watch. But it offers a wide range of services to its subscribers. It aids in the planning of a successful link-building strategy.

Your domain name should be kept basic, and they will give you the analysis result. You learn about referring websites, anchor texts, linkage, active and lost connections, and other information.

The sky, ebuyer.com, Webpage FX, Flipkart, iProspect, and other businesses use Rank Watch as their main SEO tool.

6. Linkody

For continuous backlink monitoring service Linody would be the ideal option. You may keep yourself informed about both new and lost links to your website in this way.

After the initial 30 days of free access, Linkody requires payment for their service. You will receive three months for free if you choose their annual plan.

Any domain’s backlinks may easily be analyzed with Linkody. With this, you can explore and receive a thorough overview of the website of your rival. You can now comprehend your competitor’s backlinking approach.

Linkody is aggressively used by big names as Catch, Altima, Scouts, Sendinblue, Jumbo, etc.

This program is only a backlink checker. It is for individuals who take serving their customers seriously. It has attributes like,

  • Multitask support
  • Disavow tool
  • Email notification
  • Moz metrics
  • Google index status
  • Backlink analysis and monitoring

7. OpenlinkProfiler

This free backlink checking tool is also quite good. It provides you with a thorough analysis of backlinks when you enter the domain name into the search bar.

According to the most recent data base, Openlink Profiler may display up to 200,000 backlinks each report. Nearly 1000 backlinks can be exported in CSV format. Spot is the name of the website’s web crawler.

A week of a free trial is available for their full premium edition, SEO Profiler, in case you wish to see additional information.

8. Moz Link Explorer

For backlink analysis, Moz Link Explorer is unquestionably popular. It is renowned for delivering the most precise outcomes. There are both free and paid versions of Moz Link Explorer. You must register on their website and subscribe in order to access the free version.

Rogerbot is the name of the web crawler used by this high-performance program. According to its live index, 40.7 trillion links, 718 million domains, and 7 trillion pages have been crawled. Comparing two or more domains is another benefit of this tool.\

One of their tour’s main benefits is that it gives you access to

  • Page authority
  • Domain authority
  • Links to root domain
  • All the backlinks to your site

You should think about using the all-inclusive SEO tool Moz Link Explorer for backlink building.

9. Majestic

Among the most well-known backlink checking programs is Majestic. One of the largest backlink indices can be found on it. For a specified domain, URL, or even sub-domains, it retrieves backlinks.

One can compare up to 5 domains at once using this tool. It contains an API called Majestic API and a web crawler called MJ12bot.

Majestic’s ability to crawl the entire web without relying on a third party is one of its great characteristics. Other functions include a site explorer, a search explorer, a backlink history checker, etc.

There are both free and paid versions of Majestic. However, the free edition only offers verified domains and up to 5000 backlinks every report. The premium version provides five different price schemes.

10. Neilpatel.com/Backlinks

You must be familiar with this moniker if you work in the SEO industry. The website includes numerous tools to track backlinks in addition to a wealth of information regarding SEO strategies.

The user interface is really simple. To examine the backlinks, simply enter your domain name into the search bar. Backlinks, domain score, referring domains, organic monthly traffic, etc. are among the outcomes.

Both free and paid choices are available. You can still gain a respectable understanding of your website backlinks even if you only use the free edition. Both do-follow and no-follow links are displayed. Additionally, the website informs you of your top performing web pages.

11. Seobility.net

Seobility is essentially an all-inclusive SEO bundle, as the name would imply. For people who want to raise their search engine ranks, this tool is advised.

Another well-liked paid software option is Seobility, which has more than 100,000 customers worldwide. The backlink checker, however, is totally unrestricted. Three websites’ backlinks can be checked daily. An SEO checker, keyword checker, ranking checker, and other tools are also available for free. You may quickly assess your website in this way.

Its primary features include,

  • Site audit
  • Website ranking
  • Buckling analysis

You must choose the full premium edition if you want to receive a thorough backlink analysis. Stability software is used by organizations like Samsung, WWF, Back, Targo, and others.

12. SE Ranking

You can unquestionably trust this product if you run a small business. Fully functional SEO software is SE ranking. In addition to many other things, it offers site audits, competitor analyses, website rankings, keyword suggestions, and backlink tracking.

In addition to these SEO techniques, it also provides other services like Whitelabel and a marketing strategy for digital experts.

SE ranking is trusted by businesses including Zapier, cars.com, Trustpilot, and wargaming.net. Although SE ranking is a paid product, it also comes with a two-week free trial period.

It provides SEO data on,

  • Domain trust
  • Page trust
  • Referring domains
  • Backlinks
  • DofollowNofollow ratio

One of the biggest backlink databases available is this one. It has 2.7 trillion backlinks crawled and more than 400,000 users. There are routine crawls of 320 million domains and 25000 page calls per second.


Creating high-quality backlinks is a crucial component of SEO. It’s crucial to monitor your competitors’ backlink strategies if you run an internet business.

A few of the most prominent backlinks are included in this list. We anticipate that this post will assist you in finding the best basic information regarding backlinks. If you feel that your contributions could improve this list, please let us know below.

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